Air curtains controller EcoPower Plus Thermoscreens

The new ‘double gang wall box’ design will fit flush against the wall or fit onto a surface mounted pattress. This new shape and design has a ‘wipe clean surface’ which will facilitate ease of installation and operation. The Ecopower Plus is supplied with 6m lead as standard.

Profile: Manufacturer, Designer
Headquarters: GB
Certificates: ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008
Business area: Global
Establishment date: 1965
Employees: 200
Assortment: Air curtains
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Air curtains controller EcoPower Plus Thermoscreens

The Ecopower Plus offers significant energy savings with the built-in temperature sensor. The air curtain can now use the built-in temperature sensor for heating control. This allows for optimum usage of the air curtain and maintains a comfortable environment. If temperature sensing remote to the air curtain is not required, the temperature sensor within the air curtain can be extended to sense the air curtain’s return air temperature.

The Ecopower Plus features the option to connect to an outdoor temperature sensor. This feature operates in automatic mode to thefollowing settings:
If the outdoor temperature sensor measures less than 10 ºC, both heat stages are enabled (Full heat). If the outdoor temperature sensor measures between 10 ºC and 15 ºC only 1st stage heating will be enabled (Half heat). If the outdoor temperature sensor measures more than 15 ºC, no heat stages are enabled and the air curtain will re-circulate the ambient air in the room as no heating is required.

If the electrical supply to the unit is removed, once it is restored the unit will operate on the exact settings as before. The controller is supplied with retain user settings as the default position


  • Promotes energy/carbon savings
  • Maintains comfortable environment
  • User friendly
  • Provides temperature sensing remote to the air curtain
  • Outdoor temperature sensing mode
  • Consistent temperature levels
  • BMS ready
  • Ease of installation
  • Interchangeable with previous Ecopower models
  • Wipe Clean
  • Double Gang
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