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Compact air handler Classvent Quiet


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Compact air handler Classvent Quiet Air handlers

Classroom Units

Classvent Quiet to ErP 2018

Variable control for both air volume and heating

Low Noise Breakout with Optional Cooling to meet BB93 Feb 2015 and TM52 Specifications

To reduce boost ventilation noise to conform to BB93 feb 2015,duplex fans are run together to produce no change in tone or noise level in boost operation.

The classvent maintains levels of temperature and CO² with variable control of both air volume and heating. Heat recovered from the exhaust air is transferred to the fresh air to reduce the LPHW heating load. The system responds quickly to occupancy changes. When unoccupied the system reverts to energy saving temperature set back mode with full recirculation of air flow. When occupied the system provides uniform distribution of temperature and fresh air. Classvent provides an energy efficient solution to providing a good environment for teaching and learning.


  • Low noise level.
  • Energy saving heat recovery.
  • BMS compatible.
  • Quick response to timetable occupancy changes.
  • Uniform air distribution.
  • Increased ventilation rates in summer.
  • Unoccupied, reduced temperature set point.
  • Recirculation air on start up.
  • Energy saving variable speed fans.
  • Energy saving fast start up just prior to occupancy.
  • No need for pre-heat time compensation


The unit is constructed with 50mm thick double skinned acoustically insulated panel. Each unit is complete with filters, fresh air/recirculation dampers, plate heat exchanger, LPHW heating coil, variable speed supply and extract fan, water pipework, 3 port valve, control panel, sensors, damper actuators and internally wired prior to testing.


The unit will start up in full recirculation mode and the valve to the heating coil fully open to preheat the classroom. On occupancy the system will revert to 100 % fresh and exhaust air with room temperature control via the 3 port valve.

CO2 Control

The fan speed will be controlled to regulate the C0² level below the stipulated 1500 parts per million level. In low occupancy, when the concentration is below 900 parts per million the fan speed will reduce to save energy.

Free Ambient Air Cooling

In winter with the high occupancy gains, there could be a cooling demand. The unit will control the room air temperature and lower the supply air off coil temperature to reduce the space temperature and provide free cooling. A low limit supply air temperature of 16 Deg C is set to prevent cold draughts being provided to the area.

Boost Ventilation

When there is a cooling demand from the space and no cooling is available from the outside air, the supply fan will shut down and the extract run in boost to increase the air change rate within the room. The boost mode will be activated on a predetermined return air set point temperature or a manual teacher operated push button.

Night Ambient Air Cooling

Heat which is stored in the fabric of the building during the daytime can be removed to reduce the temperate increase during the day. This function is carried out by using the lower night time ambient air and operating the unit to obtain the room set point during the night reducing the fabric gain

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