Air handling units ERV range Vent-Axia

Features & Benefits
• 2 model sizes covering 500 to 1500m3/hr
• 90% efficient aluminium energy recovery cell
• High performance EC/DC motors
• Compact low profile unit (360mm high)
• Internal or External mounting as standard
• Robust aluminium cell construction
• Simple control functionality


Symbol Vent-Axia
Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: GB
Certificates: ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008
Establishment date: 1936
Guarantee: 5 years
Employees: 800
Assortment: Ventilation products, Fans, Roof fans, Air Handling Units
ERV-Box Standard 1000
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Product descritipion

Air handling units ERV range Vent-axia

The unit is manufactured with a frameless construction, and incorporates single skinned Aluzinc panels with a highly thermal and acoustically efficient internal insulating foam. The unit is be suitable for internal or external mounting as standard.

The unit is constructed with removable top and bottom access panels allowing full maintenance access.

The removable panels provide access to the following:

  • a Supply or extract fan
  • a Supply and extract filter (when fitted)
  • a Heat exchanger
  • a Frost heater (when fitted)

Within a separate side section access is provided for wiring termination and set-up/commissioning. The user control interface therein is within a separate viewing and access panel allowing commissioning without the need to access to the wiring section. This controller can be demounted for remote installation if required.

The ERV range consists of two unit sizes (ERV1000 and ERV1500) each available with two versions of control and unit functionality (Basic and Standard) and two versions of the heat recovery cell (55% and 90% efficiency) giving 8 models in total.

The frameless single skinned construction, with Aluzinc panels internally lined with a 90kg/m3 high efficiency acoustic and thermally insulating foam (fire retardant to BS476 part 7 class1 and part 6 class O), minimises noise and thermal breakout from the casing. Aluzinc construction allows for the units to be mounted either internally or externally as standard (IPX4). An optional inlet cowl is available for external applications if required.

The casing is designed to be as compact as possible for concealed false ceiling applications with access panels on both top and bottom as standard for ease of access and maintenance.

Performance and Sound
Extensively tested in accordance with BS 848 part 1 and 2, the published dB(A) figures are free field sound pressure levels with spherical propagation at reference level of 2x10-5 Pa. The inlet and outlet sound power level spectra figures are dB with a reference of 10-12 Watts.

Motor and impeller
All units contain a pair of Class 1 EC/DC external rotor motors with backward curved impellers carefully selected for maximum performance coupled with minimum sound and power consumption, fully compliant with the requirements for ERP 2015. The assembly is balanced to DIN ISO 1940 grade 6.3. Bearings are greased for life for maintenance free operation coupled with long service life for added peace of mind.

Electrical supply is 230V, 50Hz single phase.

Energy Recovery Cell
The ERV range includes either an Aluminium crossflow plate heat exchanger with an efficiency of 55% on the ERV units or an Aluminium counter flow plate heat exchanger offering higher efficiencies of up to 90% on the Hi Box units.

By utilising Aluminium heat exchangers the
Vent-Axia ERV range of units can be installed in most environments including those with high humidity yet without the need to regularly maintain or replace the heat exchanger cell. The Aluminium cells are designed to be maintenance free (other than basic cleaning in situ) and to last the life of the unit.

Internal Unit Functionality

Flow Imbalance
The supply and extract flows on the standard unit can be offset by up to 20% to give an imbalanced flow as required.

Not available on the simplified unit.

Summer Bypass
The Standard ERV and ERV Hi-Box include as standard a Summer Bypass facility and integral controls to control its operation. The damper operates on both the Heat Recovery route and Bypass route enabling a full 100% bypass maximising the energy recovery benefits of free cooling when available.

Not available on the Basic unit.

Frost Protection
Integral to the standard unit is a 2 stage 2kW electric heater providing frost protection. The control for the inbuilt heaters is fully integrated and automatic ensuring the heat recovery cell does not freeze up under very low ambient conditions. The frost protection system will switch in each of the two stages as required when the ambient temperature falls below 0°C.

Not included on the Basic unit.

Condense Drain
All versions are fitted with a gravity condensation drain. An optional condensation drain pump is available for mounting in the condensation pipework external to the unit, includes float switch.

The ERV standard unit includes a G4 replaceable synthetic filter as standard, these are available as an optional extra on the Basic version to drop in to the pre-fitted filter slide rails.

Air handling units ERV range Vent-Axia - 1The Standard ERV unit comes complete with an integral controller providing manual variable speed control and the ability to control the summer bypass and frost protection functions. This allows the unit to be set to the customer requirements for continuous operation. The controller is fitted to the unit but can be remotely mounted on site if required. An integral time clock also provides for scheduling of the run for the unit. A boost facility can be manually selected via the control unit controller. The controller LCD display shows the hours run and filter life information during operation and is fitted as standard to the unit although this can be remotely mounted on site.

The Basic ERV controller provides a manual 3 speed control via a rotary switch with no display function. There is no frost protection or bypass included within the unit. The controller is fitted to the unit but can be remotely mounted on site if required and includes a green LED run indicator.


Dimensions (mm) Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV)

Air handling units ERV range Vent-Axia - 2

Model A B C D E F G H I J
ERV 1000 1800 1920 - 940 900 450 352 250Ø 60 65
ERV 1500 1900 2020 400 1290 1250 583 350 250 60 65

ERV Comparison Table


  Totus2 Range ERV-HIBox Standard
 Model / Stock Reference  All



HR Cell 90%
Aluzinc Acoustic Casing
EC/DC Motors
Condensate Drain Pumped Gravity
Condensate Pump Option
Filter G4
Control Functionality Sentinel Demand Ventilation control Manual speed control and basic HR control
Bypass inc Actuator
Electric Frost Heater
Wall Controller
Isolator Switch
BMS Control x
External Damper Control x
Proportional Sensors Control x
Constant Pressure Control x
Weathercowl (ERV1000) Option 445832 Option 445832
Weathercowl (ERV1500) Option 446591 Option 446591

Note: Part numbers shown as option are available at extra cost and are supplied loose

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