• Air heaters sonnEC
  • Air heaters sonnEC
  • Air heaters sonnEC
  • Air heaters sonnEC
  • Air heaters sonnEC
  • Air heaters sonnEC
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Air heaters sonnEC

These premium-version devices combine all features necessary to create your business more comfortable and efficient. No matter if you are the owner of restaurant, warehouse, car repair workshop, office or other facility - sonnEC units are tailored to all types of buildings requiring heating.

sonnEC air heater’s type range includes three versions - with a single-row exchanger (sonnEC 2), double-row exchanger (sonnEC 1 and sonnEC 3) and triple-row exchanger (sonnEC 4), enabling the achievement of power ranging up to 75 kW.

Thanks to EC motors our units are not only more ecological – actually they save electricity and therefore operating costs – your costs.

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Price from 285,31 GBP to 463,15 GBP


Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: DE
Certificates: TÜV Rheinland
Establishment date: 2017
Business area: Global
Brands: sonnEC
Guarantee: 5 years
Assortment: Air heaters, Controls
sonnEC 1
285,31 GBP
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sonnEC 2
368,47 GBP
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sonnEC 3
409,42 GBP
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sonnEC 4
463,15 GBP
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sonnEC 0
326,25 GBP
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Product descritipion


Air heaters sonnEC NEUTEC



  • EC motors – energy-saving solution fulfills the ErP requirements
  • European components – more than best quality
  • 5 years warranty for unit
  • Life-time warranty for the casing



Air heaters sonnEC - 1


Highly developed casing form guarantees optimal exchanger surface exposition while hiding all structural elements.
Air heaters sonnEC - 2

Our patented locking system guarantees a durable and precise fit of all casing elements,



Air heaters sonnEC - 3

Made of highest-class ABS with an anti-UV pigment addition, the casing is characterized by high mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures.
Air heaters sonnEC - 4


The light and clean casing lines, combined with a universal color palette, provide for harmonious adaptation to every room type.



Air heaters sonnEC - 5

1, 2 and 3-row heaters featuring increased heat exchange surfaces guarantee optimal match of heating power to the requirements of the facility. An additional anti corrosive coating of aluminum louvers improves their durability.
Air heaters sonnEC - 6

The design of the diffuser guarantees total integration with the rear section of the housing and the fan.


Air heaters sonnEC - 7

Our ideally matching fan casing and a dedicated diffuser provide for equal distribution of air speed in the exchanger, to guarantee small flow resistance rates and full use of the exchanger’s power output.
Air heaters sonnEC - 8

An innovative blade mount solution allows for their individual adjustment and stable positioning. The guide vane profile guarantees minimum air flow resistance rates.



Air heaters sonnEC - 9


Optimized profile and increased blade surfaces guarantee low usage costs and quiet operation.
Air heaters sonnEC - 10


Energy-saving EC motors provides for optimal match of operational parameters of each device while maintaining minimum electricity consumption levels.



Air heaters sonnEC - 11

The device is environmentally-friendly. 100% of materials used can be recycled.
Air heaters sonnEC - 12


The EC motor option guarantees maximum engine efficiency at reduced rotations.





  sonnEC 1 sonnEC 2 sonnEC 3 sonnEC 4
heating power range 3-20 kW 5-30 kW 8-50 kW 13-75 kW
maximum air output* 2100 m3/h 5300 m3/h 4850 m3/h 5700 m3/h
horizontal range (max) 14 m 23 m 22 m 25 m
vertical range (max) 8 m 12 m 11 m 12 m

 * maximum speed 0.5 m/s




Parameter Unit sonnEC 1 sonnEC 2
sonnEC 3
sonnEC 4
NEUTEC product number   1-4-0101-0455 1-4-0101-0442 1-4-0101-0443 1-4-0101-0444
Number of heater rows - 2 1 2 3
Maximum air output m3/h 2100 5300 4850 5700
Heating power range kW 3-20 5-30 8-50 13-75
Maximum temperature of heating medium °C 130   
Maximum working pressure mPa 1,6      
Maximum horizontal air range m 14 23 22 25
Maximum vertical air rage m 8 12 11 12
Water capacity dm3 1,12 1,25 2,16 3,1
Connection stub pipe diameter " 3/4   
Device weight (without water) kg 13 / 14 21 / 21 21,5 / 21,5 25,5 / 24,5
Power supply voltage v/hz 1 ~ 230/50   
AC motor power kW 0,115 0,28 0,41  
AC motor rated current A 0,53 1,3 1,7  
AC motor rotations rpm 1450 1380    
AC motor protection rating IP 54   
EC motor power kW 0,095 0,25 0,37  
EC motor rated current A 0,51 1,3 1,7  
EC motor rotations rpm 1450 1430 1400  
EC motor protection rating IP 44   
Casing color palette   front: ral 9006, rear + console: ral 7043, fan: ral 6038 green   


Air heaters sonnEC - 13
Air heaters sonnEC - 14

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