• AireFlow™ air handling units Airedale
  • AireFlow™ air handling units Airedale
  • AireFlow™ air handling units Airedale
  • AireFlow™ air handling units Airedale
  • AireFlow™ air handling units Airedale
  • AireFlow™ air handling units Airedale
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AireFlow™ air handling units Airedale

Winner of ‘Datacentre Cooling Product of the Year’ in this year’s DCS (Data Centre Solutions) Awards the AireFlow™ is an innovative indirect adiabatic air handling unit, designed for use in data centre environments for optimal efficiency.

Available in five footprints between 100 and 440kW, the AireFlow™ is designed for roof and wall connections and requires minimal mechanical cooling, delivering huge free-cooling potential to significantly reduce operational costs.

No air mixing within the system prevents contaminants entering your data centre and eliminates the need for 100% DX back up cooling, which can be required in direct units if ambient air is contaminated and cannot be used.

Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: GB
Establishment date: 1974
Business area: Global
Assortment: Precision air conditioning, IT cooling, Chillers, Comfort Cooling, Condensing units, Air handling un
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Product descritipion


  • Modules can be configured up to 440kW
  • Minimal mechanical cooling required significantly decreases system running costs
  • Extensive free-cooling capability
  • No air mixing means 100% DX back up cooling is not necessary
  • Data centre is isolated from outdoor pollutants Integral fresh air inlet for pressurisation and air quality (optional feature), removes need for a separate AHU
  • PUE below 1.1 achievable through full free cooling
  • No requirement for internal AC units maximising IT footprint
  • Based on London, UK ambient temperatures, systems can achieve 100% free-cooling year round (operating inside the ASHRAE recommended envelope)
  • Water treatment unnecessary
  • Wetted media system means low water storage requirements and consumption
  • Low maintenance costs – minimal cleaning required


  • N+1 redundancy
  • High efficiency EC fans with optimised control
  • Adiabatic saturated media with UV system sterilisation
  • Integrated fresh air inlet unit
  • G3 / G4 / F7 filtration
  • Iconographic display
  • Epoxy coated aluminium heat exchanger – highly efficient but robust against corrosion
  • Internal components rated at IP54 or above
  • Coated galvanised steel casing for corrosion protection
  • Air flow rates of between 3m³/s and 21m³/s achievable on a 220kW unit


  • Available in five footprints between 100 and 440kW
  • Case sizes (H x L x W) 160kW – 4.1m x 5.0m x 2.3m; 220kW – 4.1m x 5.0m x 3.4m
  • Suitable for both wall and roof connections
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