Axus contra rotating axial fan AXC Nuaire

Nuaire has a comprehensive range of high performance Axial fans, our Axus Contra rotating Axial fan is a suitable alternative to single stage Axial fans. A high performance fan operating at temperatures of 300ºC and 400ºC for 2 hours.

The high temperature smoke fan has an up to 42 m3/s duty range.

Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: GB
Establishment date: 1966
Employees: 450
Capital group: Polypipe Group plc
Assortment: Air handlers, Fans, Heat recovery
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Product descritipion

Axus contra rotating axial fan AXC Nuaire

Axus Contra rotating Axial fan is part of Nuaire's high temperature range of Axial fans.

Features & Benefits:

  • High Performance - developed to provide optimum performance for each case size. 13 Case diameters 315 - 1250mm. Airflow - up to 42m3/s.
  • Static pressure - up to 2500 Pa. Operating temperature, 300ºC and 400ºC for 2 hours
  • High Temperature - units are suitable for smoke reservoir and non smoke reservoir applications - EN 12101-3:2015. Units are dual purpose for day to day plus ‘one off’ emergency use
  • Tested To The Highest Standards - air performance to BS848 (part 1) 2007 and IS05801 (Part 1) 2007
  • Acoustic Performance – to AMCA300
  • Flexible Solution -units can be installed at any angle
  • Matching Attenuators & Ancillaries - AV mounts, flexible connectors, mounting Brackets, Matching Flanges, Inlet Cones, Guard, backdraught damper
  • Available Options - AXUS units suitable for two speed operation (full and half speed). AXUS units available with access doors suitable for cleaning and observation

Axus contra rotating axial fan AXC Nuaire technical data

Axus contra-rotating circular inline axial flow fan manufactured from pre-galvanized mild steel for sizes 250-1250 diameter. 1400 diameter and above are manufactured from mild steel with hot dip galvanized finish. Fan incorporates inlet and outlet flanges with pre-drilled bolt holes, and an external terminal box to IP55. The motor is totally enclosed and protected to IP55, foot mounted class 'F' insulated and has sealed for life ball bearings. Blades manufactured from injection moulded GRP ot cast aluminium, mounted in a die cast aluminium alloy hub as standard. ~NOTE: Unit diameters 630mm and greater are delivered in two.

Axus contra rotating axial fan AXC Nuaire technical application

  • Car Parks
  • Smoke Ventilation
  • Tunnels
  • Apartments & Flats
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