Backward Bladed Centrifugal Fans BSZ Fans & Blowers

The BSZ industrial centrifugal fan range incorporates four standard widths; 100%, 75%, 60% and 40%. These widths combined with impeller diameters of 400mm to 1200mm give a volume range of approximately 1000 ft3/min (1700 m3/hr) to 60000 ft3/min (100,000 m3/hr) and pressure up to 30”swg (762mmwg).

The flat backward inclined blade design of the impeller enables the BSZ centrifugal fans to handle air with a light dust loading as well as standard air and hot gas applications to approximately 800°C (1500°F)

Fans & Blowers
Profile: Manufacturer, Designer
Headquarters: GB
Establishment date: 1970
Employees: 50
Assortment: Fans
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Backward Bladed Centrifugal Fans BSZ Fans & Blowers features

  • Backward curved blades for maximum flow at low pressures
  • Available in single inlet single width (SISW) and double inlet double width (DIDW)
  • Direct drive or belt driven
  • Used in applications such as ventilation, spray booths, heat exchangers low pressure combustion air applications such as cremators, incinerators, ovens and kilns.
  • All available in left and right hand format and various orientations
  • Standard paint or a range of special finishes available
  • Suitable for clean air applications up to approximately 800°C (1500°F)
  • Available in ATEX Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 & Zone 22
  • Standard motor is IP55 but is also available as EeXN and EeXD
  • Particularly suited to hot and cold air extraction applications such as Industrial Ovens, Industrial Washing Machines, Combustion Type Fan
  • A wide range of ancillaries available, such as filters, silencers, double skinned, or box enclosed, flexible connections and anti-vibration mounts
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