Bedroom Fan Coil Units Advanced Air

A revolutionary new fan coil arrangement splits the fan deck and coil assembly into two separate decks or units to give an enormous range of very quiet and space saving applications.

Advanced Air
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Assortment: Fan coils, Diffusers, Grilles, Dampers
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Bedroom Fan Coil Units Advanced Air

The two deck configuration comprises:

Lower deck
Cooling and heating coil, waterside control valves, all piping, filters and controls. The controls for the unit could be remotely sited.

Connecting Duct
This is a rectangular pre-insulated self-supporting duct no more than 100mm deep and could span up to 3000mm height. This provides the air path and connects the lower deck to the upper deck.

Upper Deck
This is where the fans are installed and utilising space saving state of the art electronically commutated motors.

Each project has different demands and the unit can be easily adapted to fit into virtually any space. A very popular configuration is the WARDROBE or CUPBOARD unit which can easily be installed. The fan coil incorporates a large slow running EC motor which is horizontally mounted and in operation is very quiet. The performance of the unit is typically 2.5kW cooling at NR25. A range of capacities exist dependant on client requirements, chilled water temperatures and NR levels.


Features of the unit in this configuration are:

  • Lower noise levels – NR25 with 2.5kW of cooling
  • A purpose made and designed fan coil system which meets all of the client’s requirements
  • Very little space required, in fact it only requires 100mm of floor space compared to 300mm for conventional vertical fan coil systems
  • More usable floor space created with a saving on a 3 metre wide wardrobe of 0.6 m², i.e. a saving of up to £6000 worth of usable floor space
  • No access through the wardrobe is required for maintenance
  • Filter change or cleaning is made very easy by a slidingframe on the lower deck accessed at the front of thewardrobe
  • Access to coils and valves is easily achieved on the lower deck accessed at the front of the wardrobe
  • All water circuits are contained at low leve

A wide range of applications can be accommodated some
of which are listed below:-

  • Apartments
  • General residential
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Leisure Industry buildings
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