Centrifugal Fan Type C  Moduflow

Moduflow’s unique Type C variable discharge fans are constructed with reliability and long lasting durability in mind as rigid galvanised steel casing is fitted to all industrial ventilation fans in the Type C range.

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Symbol Moduflow Fan Systems
Profile: Manufacturer, Designer
Headquarters: GB
Establishment date: 1979
Business area: UK & Europe
Assortment: Fans
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Product descritipion

Moduflow’s unique Type C variable discharge fans are constructed with reliability and long lasting durability in mind as rigid galvanised steel casing is fitted to all industrial ventilation fans in the Type C range. This casing includes a pre-drilled flange & circular spigot inlets allowing spiral ducting to be fitted. Type C variable discharge fans feature TEFC motors, class F insulation and sealed for life bearings. Moduflow Type C variable discharge fans are of the highest build quality and can be used as industrial ventilation fans.

The Moduflow Fan Type C are fitted with New State of Art Cpro ZAmid impellers.

Centrifugal Fan Type C Moduflow Features

  • Multiple positioning enabling the fan to be top, bottom or side mounted
  • Robust and durable construction
  • Wide choice of models
  • UK Manufactured to high standards
  • Motor located out of air stream making it ideal for greasy conditions or high
  • Can be speed controlled
  • Energy saving aerofoil impeller
  • Low cost and easy to install

Moduflow Type C Fans
The Backward Curved Centrifugal Range of fans consist of 17 duty sizes with a maximum air flow of 55,000 m3/h. The units are manufactured from pre-galvanised sheet steel to BS.2989.1982. All units can be mounted top, bottom, horizontal or vertical discharges without having to adjust the fan assembly bolts.

Always handle the units carefully to avoid damage and distortion. Care must be taken to ensure that any slings used for hoisting do not damage the casing.

Fan Installation
Installation must be completed by competent persons, in accordance with good Industry practice and should conform to all governing and statutory bodies. ie. IEE, CIBSE, COHSE etc. The unit can be installed at any upward vertical or horizontal position and is suitable for internal or external use. Elongated mounting slots are provided on 3 sides of the unit for either bolting directly to the mounting surface or via antivibration mounts. The method chosen is the responsibilty of the installer.

Check that the fan details on the rating plate correspond with the supply voltage and frequency. Motors are designed for direct on-line starting. Motor overloads should be set to the full load current on the fan rating label. Upply fuses should be H.R.C type.

Start-up Proceedure
The single phase rotational direction is set at works and should not be altered. For 3 phase units check that rotation is correct, if not, interchange two phases. Equipment should be run for approximately 30 minutes to ensure correct operation. If a fault occurs, switch off. DO NOT restart until fault has been rectified.

Electrically isolate before commencing work. Remove motor mounting plate and withdraw motor/impeller assembly. Carefully clean rotating parts and check for damage and security of components. The motor is fitted with sealed for life bearings and does not require any
further lubrication. Refit motor mounting plate.

One year Warranty
The 1 year warranty starts from the day of delivery and includes parts and labour for the 1st year. This warranty is conditional on a service being carried out after the 1st 3 months and 3 month intervals after that. These intervals may be less if the fan unit operates in adverse conditions

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