Centrifugal Forward Curved Double Inlet 146-180mm Torin-Sifan

The Revolution 360 range from Torin-Sifan includes forward-curved centrifugal double-inlet fans within scroll housings; it has the lowest specific fan power (SFP) in its class.


Product descritipion

The Revolution 360 range utilises the latest three-core technology, ensuring best in class efficiency levels as well as whisper quiet operation. This range of EC fans is optimised to provide aerodynamic efficiency and low acoustic noise at the higher static pressures encountered in today’s ventilation applications. Revolution 360 also provides customers significant intelligence and flexibility with the options of offering programmable constant volume, constant pressure or constant speed performance.

Available in Torin-Sifan’s standard fan sizes, starting at 133 mm and rising to 160 mm, the Revolution 360 double-inlet range can also be adapted to offer customised solutions. Options available can vary from plug type and mounting hole position to fully bespoke designs for specific applications.

Ideal for a wide range of residential and commercial applications, including central ventilation systems (with or without heat recovery) heat pumps, fan coil units, air curtains, cooling equipment and unit/cabinet heating.

Typical Specifications & Features

  • Supply Voltage (rms): 198 to 264 V
  • Supply Phase: Single
  • Supply Frequency Range: 50/60 Hz
  • Control Input: 0-10 V / PWM or PWM only
  • Control Outputs: 10 V (3 mA), Tachometer
  • Protection: Locked rotor
  • Inrush Current at Power-on: 5.5 A ac, ½ cycle
  • Motor Protection: IP54
  • Motor Insulation: Class B
  • Operational Ambient Temperature Range: -20 °C to + 50 °C
  • Bearings: Sealed and maintenance free
  • Approvals: CE
Technical Data
Supply (V/Ph/Hz) 230 / 1 / 50/60
Max Airflow (m³/h) 896
Max Current (A) 0.85
Max Input Power (W) 91
Max Speed (rpm) 2450
ErP Efficiency Rating (FMEG) 57
Ip Rating 54
Motor Insulation Class B
Temperature Range (°C) -20 to +50
Weight (KG) 3.6

 Centrifugal Forward Curved Double Inlet 146-180mm Torin-Sifan - 1

Performance Data
Data Point Static Pressure (pa) Airflow (m³/h) Current (A) Speed (rpm) Power (W)
1 404 0 0.59 2434 56
2 349 199 0.68 2370 69
3 220 454 0.73 1843 74
4 107 706 0.78 1467 82
5 0 896 0.85 1219 91

 Centrifugal Forward Curved Double Inlet 146-180mm Torin-Sifan - 2

A 221.5 G 142
B 109 H 126
C 138.4 I 267.2
D 270 J 600
E 254 K 30
F 217.4 L  


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