Centrifugal Inline Duct Fans  Moduflow

Durable, powerful and robust these centrifugal duct fans are ideal for commercial use and have a range of applications including; work place air extraction systems & machine extraction units. Compact yet powerful, our centrifugal duct fans utilise impellers with backwards curved blades to generate small to medium air volumes at high resistance. Inlet and outline connection couplings allow for simple & direct installation to existing ventilation ducts.

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Symbol Moduflow Fan Systems
Profile: Manufacturer, Designer
Headquarters: GB
Establishment date: 1979
Business area: UK & Europe
Assortment: Fans
ERR 10/1
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ERR 10/1S
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ERR 12/1
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ERR 15/1
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ERR 15/1S
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ERR 20/1
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ERR 20/1S
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ERR 25/1
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ERR 31/1
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ERR 31/1S
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ERR 35/1
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ERR 35/1S
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Product descritipion

Centrifugal Inline Duct Fans features

  • Durable, powerful and robust
  • Compact and can be fitted in various positions
  • Machine or workplace extraction system
  • Small air volumes with high resistance
  • Easy installation
Type Nominal Size Rated Voltage Air flow Volume Degree of protection (IP)
ERR 10/1 100mm 230V~ 220m3/h X4
ERR 10/1S 100mm 230V~ 250m3/h X4
ERR 12/1 125mm 230V~ 300m3/h X4
ERR 15/1 160mm 230V~ 400m3/h X4
ERR 15/1S 160mm 230V~ 800m3/h X4
ERR 20/1 200mm 230V~ 900m3/h X4
ERR 20/1S 200mm 230V~ 1000m3/h X4
ERR 25/1 250mm 230V~ 1150m3/h X4
ERR 31/1 315mm 230V~ 1350m3/h X4
ERR 31/1S 315mm 230V~ 1700m3/h X4
ERR 35/1 350mm 230V~ 2200m3/h X4
ERR 35/1S 350mm 230V~ 2350m3/h X4


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