• Commercial and industrial drying DH60AHP Calorex
  • Commercial and industrial drying DH60AHP Calorex
  • Commercial and industrial drying DH60AHP Calorex
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Commercial and industrial drying DH60AHP Calorex

Drying by dehumidification is a low maintenance way to provide efficient moisture removal while minimising the power consumption, cost and risk of product damage. Calorex dehumidifiers provide you with a high quality finished product and costs less to operate than other methods of drying.

Air is recirculated within the chamber by a set of fans positioned above a false ceiling – the velocity past the product being critical to the drying speed. The temperature of the chamber is increased to speed the release of moisture from the product. The higher the temperature the quicker the drying process. The moisture released by the product is extracted by the dehumidifier. The heat pump dehumidifier converts the latent energy into heat which is returned back into the drying chamber.

This reduces the energy required to maintain the operating temperature. The condensed moisture is rejected to a waste water drain.

Calorex Heat Pumps
Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: GB
Establishment date: 1977
Capital group: Dantherm Group
Assortment: Heat pumps, Dehumidifiers
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Product descritipion


  • Rapid moisture removal at lowest cost per litre extracted
  • Latent energy reclaimed to reduce power consumption
  • Drying at lower temperatures reduces risk of heat damage
  • Even drying improves product quality
  • Low maintenance


  • Range of Calorex control panels
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • Steam or LPHW heat exchangers for initial heat input
  • Castors for portability to aid cleaning and maintenance
  • Air inlet filters


  • Food manufacturing
  • Confectionery
  • Ceramics
  • Timber
  • Bricks, blocks and tiles
  • Textiles
  • Paper and cardboard


Specifications Units DH334BH DH60AHP
Dehumidification duty
Via heat pump @ 50°C/60%RH l/h 17 2.6
Heat to air      
Via heat pump kW 10 2.2
Via resistance heaters and heat pump kW 18.5 5.1
Nominal power consumed kW 4.9 1.1
LRA, 3ph N Amp 72 30
RLA, 3ph N Amp 12 5.5
Nominal running current Amp 9 5.3
Refrigerant charge, R134a kg 6 0.8
Main fan
Airflow m³/h 5800 1750
Max external static pressure Pa 0 0
Motor rating kW 0.75 0.16
FLA, 3ph N Amp 2.1 1.3
Heater rating kW 9 4
FLA Amp 12 16.7
Electrical data
Voltage   400V, 3ph & N, 50Hz 240V, 1ph & N, 50Hz
Total power consumed (nominal) Amp 14.1 5.1
Nominal running amps Amp - 22.2
Min supply capacity Amp 29 23
Max supply fuse Amp 35 35
General data
Sound level @ 3m dB(A) 69 57
Width mm 985 240
Depth mm 700 1245
Height mm 1476 653
Weight (approx) kg 170 70
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