Control panel for recuperators and air handling units DEN 16-C Dasko Electronic

DEN16-C has 4 lines digital displayer with capacitive sense keyboard on the front side.
DEN16-C is part of control system based on UNIBOX v3.5, UNIBOX3v41 or UNIBOX Lite.
DEN16-C has temperature and humidity sensor built in.

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Symbol Dasko Electronic
Profile: Manufacturer, Installer, Designer
Headquarters: PL
Establishment date: 2005
Business area: Europe
Assortment: Regulators, Controllers, Projects, Ventilation, Recupreation
Target: Looking for a British manufacturer of compact air handling units
DEN 16-C
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Product descritipion

Control panel DEN 16-C

  • wall / flush mounted control panel for air handling units with built in weekly programmer
  • may be installed in any room inside the building
  • works as a user interface
  • 4 lines digital display and capacitive sense keyboard give the ability to monitor and edit the working parameters of AHU
  • DEN16-C is not a stand-alone device and to work properly it has to be connected to UNIBOX v3.5, UNIBOX v3.41 or UNIBOX Lite placed inside or nearby the AHU
  • control panel communicates with controllers UNIBOX v3.5, UNIBOX v3.41 or UNIBOX Lite via serial interface RS485
  • available in two color versions: dark graphite and light gray

Control panel DEN 16-C technical data

supply voltage: 12VDC
communication: Communication interface RS485 for UNIBOX series controllers
inside temperature and humidity sensors: Digital
control method: Keyboard, LCD displayer built in
casing: ABS plastic
mounting type: Surface, wall or flush mounted
IP protection rate: IP 40
operating temperature range: -10 : 60°C
run and alarm states indication: Yes
wiring: Communication and supply by 4-wires cable RJ type
dimensions (WxHxL) mm: 30(15) x 75 x 142
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