• Evaporative cooling and ventilation system with heat reclaim CoolStream A Colt
  • Evaporative cooling and ventilation system with heat reclaim CoolStream A Colt
  • Evaporative cooling and ventilation system with heat reclaim CoolStream A Colt
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Evaporative cooling and ventilation system with heat reclaim CoolStream A Colt

CoolStream A provides low-cost evaporative cooling (adiabatic cooling) and ventilation principally for larger industrial and commercial premises. It has been hygienically tested and certified to VDI 6022.

The CoolStream A evaporative cooler helps keep larger internal spaces pleasantly cool all year round. It doesn’t need to cost the earth: using the cooling power of water, it’s possible to achieve low energy cooling.

Cooling, ventilation and heat reclaim within one system

CoolStream A is an enhanced input ventilation system, which means it can be used in spring and summer with the cooling function only being operated when conditions dictate. Excess heat is normally removed at high level via natural ventilators, providing a pleasant temperature in the internal space.

CoolStream A reduces heating costs

It also includes the option of heat reclaim. If there is enough heat in the building, it can provide heating via recirculation all year round. If it is cooler outside and so

Headquarters: GB
Establishment date: 1931
Business area: UK
Assortment: Ventilators, Mechanical ventilators, Car park fans, Smoke and fire curtains, Evaporative coolers
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Product descritipion

Features and benefits

  • High evaporative cooling efficiency - low running costs. Only consumes about 1 kW per 2.8 m³/s (10,000 m³/h) cooled air, providing up to 30 kW of cooling.
  • Heat reclaim function reduces heating costs
  • EC fans (fitted as standard) boost efficiency
  • Variable speed controls boost efficiency by only providing the airflow that is needed
  • Simple and reliable technology – thus low maintenance costs
  • All components accessible from the roof
  • Durable: corrosion-resistant aluminium housing with powder coated water tray and water distribution system
  • Extensively tested hygienically in compliance with VDI 6022 (“Hygienic Requirements for Ventilation Systems and Units for Internal Spaces”). This is a rigorous standard for air conditioning systems and confirms the high quality of supply air
  • Controlled by highly intuitive and simple Colt Cortiva controls, either through a web browser or as an app on a smart phone or tablet
  • Additional destratification by a Colt Wastemaster system boosts the heat reclaim.
  • Designed and manufactured by Colt.


Types (airflows shown without filters)

  12A: Axial up to 3.3 m³/s (12,000 m³/h)
    12C: Centrifugal up to 3.3 m³/s (12,000 m³/h)
    16C: Centrifugal up to 3.6 m³/s (13,000 m³/h)
    17A: Axial up to 4.7 m³/s (17,000 m³/h)
    22A: Axial up to 6.1 m³/s (22,000 m³/h)
    23C: Centrifugal up to 6.4 m³/s (23,000 m³/h)
    29C: Centrifugal up to 8.1 m³/s (29,000 m³/h)
    30A: Axial up to 8.3 m³/s (30,000 m³/h)

Connection options

Bottom duct connection -  where unit is installed onto the roof
    Side duct connection  - where unit is combined with alternative HVAC equipment
    Top duct connection - where unit is installed adjacent to a building on the ground


Colt Cortiva controller via browser or app.

Filter options

Single stage: Z-line filter class G4, M5 or F7.
Two stage: Z-line filter G2+F9

VDI certification (optional)

Internal lighting / light switch, sight glass, pressure display, VDI 6022 certificate.

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