Fire Smoke Damper 2530 Advanced Air

Electrical Release Fire Smoke Damper 2530

The model 2530 is designed to close and stay closed in a fire situation creating a 4 hour fire rated barrier to stop the spread of fire, smoke and toxic fumes. The 2530 incorporates the new unique interlocking opposed blade design that eliminates the need for blade seals which burn out during fire conditions. The blade profile is of aerodynamic double skin construction, and gives a metal to metal seal, which achieves low leakage performance as stipulated in BS EN1366-2 ES classification for 240 minutes in both horizontal and vertical installations.

Advanced Air
Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: GB
Assortment: Fan coils, Diffusers, Grilles, Dampers
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Product descritipion

Fire Smoke Damper 2530

The 2530 includes a unique and versatile jackshaft arrangement with an electrical thermal fuse rated at 74°C. When the temperature is reached the actuator power is disengaged and then the actuator closes the blades within 15 seconds. The blades are then held in the closed position by the knee-lock mechanism therefore not relying on the actuator to hold the blades closed.

The jackshaft arrangement allows multiple section units to be connected and driven by one actuator depending on torque requirements. The 2530 damper is available with spigotted connections. Various installation option’s are available, examples are detailed in our Methods of Installation Manual. This product is flexible and versatile and can be modified to meet most special requirements on size and installation.


  • Independently tested to the BS EN1366 -2 test for integrity and leakage requirements achieving and ES240 classifications.
  • Unique double skin blade design that achieves low leakage tested t British and American standards without the need for synthetic blade seals
  • Closure maintained by the unique “knee lock” mechanism which prevents blades from re-opening the damper
  • Wide range of actuators are available from Belimo, Honeywell and Johnson's to meet most requirements
  • Junction box including test button that allows easy site wiring connection
  • All components fitted to the damper so installation simple and straight forward therefore no additional modification to duct work

Material Specification

Blades: Double Skin 1.0mm galvanised mild steel as standard, Double skin 1.0 grade 430 stainless steel optional

Frame: 1.6mmm galvanised mild steel standard, 1.6mm grade 430 stainless steel optional

Frame Corners: Die formed corner channels, button locked for strength and rigidity

Casings: 1.2mm galvanised mild steel standard 1.2mm grade 430 stainless steel optional

Casing corners: Welded mitre corners finished with aluminium aerosol spray.

Linkage: External linkage. Enclosed within the frame and out of air stream. Zinc electroplated mild steel.

Bearings: Oil filled sintered bronze up to 200 degrees C

Axles: 12.7mm diameter zinc electroplated mild steel bolted directly through the blade

Jack Shaft: Zinc electroplated mild steel

Top, bottom and side jamb seals: Cambered grade 301 stainless steel


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