• Lo-Carbon T-Series Roof Fan Vent-Axia
  • Lo-Carbon T-Series Roof Fan Vent-Axia
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Lo-Carbon T-Series Roof Fan Vent-Axia

• Reduces your carbon footprint
• Extract / intake model in 2 sizes:
9” and 12”
• Long life Lo-Carbon motor lasts twice as long as other
conventional motors
• Up to 70% energy saving
• Wired or Wireless fan models available
• Easy fit connector Top Socket, standard on all models


Symbol Vent-Axia
Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: GB
Certificates: ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008
Establishment date: 1936
Guarantee: 5 years
Employees: 800
Assortment: Ventilation products, Fans, Roof fans, Air Handling Units
Lo-Carbon TX9RF Wireless
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Lo-Carbon TX9RF
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Lo-Carbon TX12RF Wireless
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Lo-Carbon TX12RF
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Product descritipion

UK’s No. 1 Commercial Fan

The Lo-Carbon T-Series Fan range utilises a low energy DC motor, developed to improve performance, lower running costs and maintain T-Series’ rugged reliability.

Roof Fitting Kit

Designing ventilation systems with the unit mounted in a skylight or a flat roof is easy. With a low profile cowl, the Lo-Carbon T-Series Roof model is suitable for installation in horizontal, angled (max pitch 30deg) and vertical glass and for fixing plates in roofs. For vertical windows or walls in exposed areas and single and double glazing including most types of glass up to 32mm thick. Greater thicknesses can be accommodated using extended fixing rod sets. Both sizes of Vent-Axia roof plate assemblies can be fitted easily into flat roofs.

Instantaneous Shutter

With energy saving in mind, Lo-Carbon T-Series models are supplied complete with an integral, instantaneous, automatic louvre shutter concealed behind the interior grille. It will operate on both intake and extract and at any angle of mounting. The shutter is electronically controlled by an actuator with a damped action giving quiet operation during instant opening and closing. When the fan is used with a Lo-Carbon T-Series controller, the shutter can be set open with the fan motor switched off to provide natural ventilation without the security risk of an open window.

Top Socket

A connector Top Socket is standard on all T-Series fans. Allowing fast and trouble-free mains connection.


Motor purpose-designed. Suitable for running at any angle. Quiet running, enclosed. Suitable for operation in ambient temperatures from -40°C to +50°C. Fitted with self resetting Standard Thermal Overload Protection (S.T.O.P.). Supply voltage 220-240V/1/50Hz

Flat roof

LoWatt T-Series roof models may be installed through solid roofs using a roof plate assembly and, if required, an eggcrate grille or louvred grille in the ceiling below. Alternatively, if ventilation is from a suspended ceiling, single spigots and flexible ducting may be used to connect the unit and extract grille.

Corrugated roof

LoWatt T-Series roof models are suitable for fixing through corrugated sloped and vertical cladding using a suitable soaker flange. A suitable sealing compound should be used between the plate and the exterior unit seal.

Pitched roof

LoWatt T-Series roof models may be installed in fixing plates with zinc or lead weathering apron (provided by others), fitted directly to a tiled or slated roof to provide a water-tight installation. A suitable sealing compound should be used between the weathering apron and the exterior.


PERFORMANCE Lo-Carbon T-Series Roof Fan:

Unit Size   LoWatt TX9RF Wireless LoWatt TX9RF
Stock Ref. No.   45 61 72 45 61 68
Amps @ 240V   0.34 0.34
Extract Performance m³/h Low 313 313
Extract Performance m³/h Med 526 526
Extract Performance m³/h High 693 693
Watts (high)   29 29
dB(A) (med) @ 3m   40 40
Unit Size   LoWatt TX12RF Wireless LoWatt TX12RF
Stock Ref. No.   45 61 80 45 61 76
Amps @ 240V   0.69 0.69
Extract Performance m³/h Low 518 518
Extract Performance m³/h Med 1017 1017
Extract Performance m³/h High 1194 1194
Watts (high)   67 67
dB(A) (med) @ 3m   48 48
Recommended controller:
Wire-less Controller Stock Ref. No. 45 58 74
Wired Stock Ref. No. 45 58 73


DIMENSIONS Lo-Carbon T-Series Roof Fan:

Size Dim. 9 in Static Pressure (Pa) 12 in
A 136   171
B 150   177
C 304   381
D 302   378
E 54   54
400   500
Fixing Hole 260   337
Weight kg* 6.22   9.28
*Complete product. Controller (W x H x D) 97 x 99 x 32      
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