MatriX 1050 650-I Gas fire Faber

The gasfire MatriX 1050 650-I is a modern frameless frontfire with the innovative Log Burner 2.0®.

GDC Group
Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: GB
Establishment date: 1973
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Product descritipion

The current interieurtrend is a revival of charme. The ceramic logs are back and the real fire image is hot again. Next to the fire, cupboards, TV-wall, bookshelves or atmospheric lightning are integrated. In this way the fire completes the rest of the livingroom interior.

Faber translates this trend to a new serie frameless MatriX fires. The serie 1050 650 fires contains highly quantitive elements as the Log Burner 2.0 wich can’t be differentiated of real fire. The build-inn framework are available in different depths for a tailormade installation. The frameworks can be used both for a four as a threesided installation.

The Symbio lightmodule combines optimal atmosphere with a low power consumption. A glowing coalbed gives in general much heat which is not desired. With the Symbio lightmodule remote control you can switch the “coalbed” off and on. The coalbed is enlighted with a energy efficiënt LED module. Led light is famous for it’s long life span.

Other designs: 1050 650-II and 1050 650-III


  • Built in Fire
  • Balanced Flue
  • Burner: Log Burner 2.0®.
  • Decoration options: ceramic logs
  • Heat input (KW): 11,3
  • Maximum measured heat output: 87%
  • Control: remote control GV60 premium
  • Optional: ITC app
  • Electric connection with ITC: 230 V
  • Electric connection without ITC:6-230V
  • Natural gas: yes
  • LPG gas: yes
  • Burningchamber: flat steel interior (standard) or black glass (optional)
  • Optional: anti reflective glass
  • Optional: set convection grills
  • Model: Built-in Fires
  • Heating: Atmospheric Fire
  • Category: Inside
  • Burner: Log Burner
  • Type: Front models
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