Middle and extended range AHU controller UNIBOX v3.5 Dasko Electronic

Compatible with room panel DEN15-C, DEN16-C and DEN 17-C

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Symbol Dasko Electronic
Profile: Manufacturer, Installer, Designer
Headquarters: PL
Establishment date: 2005
Business area: Europe
Assortment: Regulators, Controllers, Projects, Ventilation, Recupreation
Target: Looking for a British manufacturer of compact air handling units
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Product descritipion

UNIBOX v3.5 is controller for recuperators and air handling units

  • controller for heat recovery systems and middle and extended range AHU
  • compatible with room panels DEN 15-C, DEN 16-C and DEN 17-C
  • provides power supply and individual fuse protection of supply and exhaust fan
  • additional communication port with MODBUS RTU protocol enables connecting the controller to BMS installation and remote monitoring and control of the AHU

UNIBOX v3.5 description

Automation system based on the UNIBOX v3.5 control unit is dedicated to small and medium-sized air handling units. The advanced control algorithm with a total number of six temperature sensors enables highly efficient heat recovery from air extracted from premises . Use of electronically commutated EC or classic AC motors cooperating with dedicated DSS2 series speed regulators or inverters also enables also to smoothly adjust the fan speed over the entire control range.

Due to the modular construction and a large number of configurable parameters, the system supports a combination of modules, such as: intake and exhaust air dampers, a ground heat exchanger, electric pre-heater, a mixing chamber, counterflow heat exchanger, electric heater/water heater and water cooler/DX type cooler. There is also a possibility of smooth controlling of a bypass damper and a heat pump.

Small size of the UNIBOX3v5 main board allows to place the main control system within the air handling unit or in the housing nearby (e.g. under suspended ceiling), while a small and aesthetically finished panel can be placed in any premise, which simplifies handling and improves comfort. Using MODBUS RTU protocol enables connecting the driver to BMS installation and remote monitoring and control of the recuperator.

UNIBOX v3.5 technical data

power supply: 230 VAC
communication: - Communication interface RS485 for DEN 15-C, DEN 16-C and DEN 17-C panels
- Communication interface RS 485 MODBUS RTU for external controllers or building automation systems (BMS)
auxialiary supply outputs: - 250VAC supply with 2.5A fuse protection for supply fan
- 250VAC supply with 2.5A fuse protection for exhaust fan
- auxiliary 12VDC supply for 3 panels DEN 15-C , DEN 16-C and DEN 17-C - 24 VDC / 1A for additional elements
output signals: - 4 x analogue outputs 0-10V
- 2 x PWM output by open-collector transistor
relay outputs: - 5 x relay outputs with non-voltage contact
input signals: - 5 x digital inputs
- 2 x universal input
mounting: 6 x mounting through holes
run and alarm states indication: Yes
temperature sensors: 5 x digital temperature sensor DS18B20
control method: Remotely by DEN 15-C, DEN 16-C and DEN 17-C panels
IP protection rate: IP 00
dimensions (WxHxL) mm: 50 x 182 x 119

UNIBOX v3.5 board:

  • power supply with current voltage of 230VAC
  • power supply and control of 1-phase motors of the recuperation unit
  • supply and exhaust 1-phase motor fuse protection
  • power supply for control panel
  • 24VDC power supply, 20VA for peripheral devices, e.g. actuators
  • RS485 interface for communication with the control panel
  • MODBUS RTU interface for communication with BMS
  • 4x analog output 0-10V
  • 5x digital potential-free relay output, changeover
  • 2x fast transistor output (PWM)
  • 5x input of digital temperature sensor DS18B20
  • 5x digital input
  • 2x universal input (analog or digital)

UNIBOX v3.5 electric safety

The control system must be supplied in accordance with the wiring diagram and secured with over-current protection switch appropriate to the power of supplied fans.
If power to the fans is supplied directly from the UNIBOX3v5 board, they are protected with:

  • supply fan motor: T2.5A (max 5A), protection fuse F4 (on Unibox3v5 board)
  • exhaust fan motor: T2.5A (max 5A), protection fuse F3 (on Unibox3v5 board)

UNIBOX v3.5 communication

Automation system allows communication with BMS via MODBUS RTU protocol.
Protocol parameters:

  • possibility of addressing up to 7 devices on a single sub network
  • rated transmission speed of 9600/19200 bps
  • possibility to read device parameters: fan speed, measured temperature values, status of digital inputs and outputs v.1.1/IV-2017 5/56
  • possibility to set device parameters: start/stop signal, fan speed reference value, reference temperature and mode selection.

Detailed data of the MODBUS protocol can be found in the appendix.

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