22 Aug 2017 | Aeroventic
A state-of-the-art hospital

A state-of-the-art hospital, The Delta Hospital of the innovative hospital group CHIREC (Centre Hôpital Interrégional Edith Cavell) is under construction in Auderghem, Brussels in Belgium. NOVENCO Building & Industry was awarded two contracts, one for the smoke control system of the shopping gallery on the ground floor of the hospital and another for the ventilation and smoke control system of the underground parking.



The new Delta hospital of the innovative hospital  group  CHIREC  (Centre  Hôpital  Interrégional  Edith  Cavell)  is  under construction  in  Auderghem,  one  of  the municipalities located to the South East of  the  Belgium  capital  Brussels.  In  addition to this state-of-the-art hospital, a residential  living  area  called  Deltaview is  also  realised.  For  this  ambitious  development,  land  owner  CHIREC,  project   developer   Willemen   Real   Estate (Mechelen) and renown architects office Assar (Brussels) joined hands. The  modern  hospital  of  500  beds  on  7 levels totalling 104,000 m² is conveniently  located  and  easily  accessible,  which will  enable  the  hospital  group  to  meet the  expectations  of  the  beneficiaries  by offering them high quality care in bright, welcoming and comfortable spaces. All spaces have been designed to ensure easy  accessibility  with  easy  circulation for patients and visitors. Everything has been  thought  out  to  optimize  the  functionality  of  the  building,  to  ensure  the user-friendliness  of  the  spaces,  to  offer maximum comfort to patients, while preserving  optimal  working  conditions for doctors and staff. The  construction  of  the  Delta  hospital will  be  accompanied  by  the  establishment  of  commercial  structures,  restaurants,  residential  living  areas  and hotels  that  will  stimulate  activity  and employment  in  the  region.  Underneath the Deltaview living area a large 5-level underground  car  park  will  be  realised, with 1,300 parking spaces.


In  this  project,  NOVENCO  Building  & Industry  was  awarded  two  contracts, one for the smoke control system of the shopping  gallery  on  the  ground  floor  of the  hospital  and  another  for  the  ventilation  and  smoke  control  system  of  the underground parking. Project completion is scheduled for the end of 2017.


For  the  smoke  control  system  of  the shopping  gallery,  NOVENCO  Building &  Industry  (NBI)  has  designed  and  delivered  a  complete  vertical  smoke  control  system  to  keep  a  smoke-free  layer in  the  gallery  in  case  of  a  fire.  For  the smoke  exhaust  system,  3  large  ACN- 1000 F300 smoke fans have been delivered with a smoke extraction capacity of 60,000 m³/h per fan. The system also included a control panel, cabling, mounting,  commissioning  and  hand-over  to the client. For  the  5-level  underground  car  park with  in  total  1,300  parking  spaces,  NBI designed  and  delivered  the  complete ventilation  and  smoke  control  system. The NBI system design and functionality  was  checked  with  a  CFD  (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation of the five parking levels of 10,000 m² each. In total,  6  large  smoke  fans  with  impeller diameters  varying  from  1,4m  to  1.6m have been delivered, with a total capacity  of  more  than  400,000  m³/h.  To  support  the  ventilation  and  smoke  control system, a large number of CGF-500 car park  jet  fans  have  also  been  installed. The  system  also  contained  the  delivery  and  installation  of  a  control  panel, synoptic  panel,  cabling,  high  temperature  smoke  control  dampers,  smoke screens, grilles and a CO detection system complete with UPS and evacuation alarms. Before hand-over to the client, the system will be tested and optimized thoroughly by NBI engineers during the commissioning phase.



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