21 May | Aeroventic
Aermec – a reference point for the air conditioning of data centers


Based on the successes already obtained in providing cooling solutions for the IT sector, Aermec has recently completed an important project involving the replacement of chillers for the global data center (with a billion financial transactions per second) of an important financial institute headquartered in the UK.

The project involves six high efficiency free cooling chillers (total installed power: 8.2 MW) from the NSM series with screw compressors. The high efficiency of the installed Aermec machines made it possible to save more than £ 50,000 per month in energy costs in comparison to the old machines. This also results in a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions to the environment.

An eco-sustainable choice, which was one of the customer’s requests (reducing the impact on the environment is one of the company values of the financial multi-national).

Another of the customer’s main requirements was of course operational reliability: the customer’s technical manager explained that every minute of inactivity could cost millions of pounds.

From this point of view, Aermec offered machines that have all the measures necessary for guaranteeing maximum reliability and operating continuity (independent cooling circuits, reserve pumping assemblies, etc.).

Another customer request was very quiet operation: the considerable silence of Aermec’s NSM series was tested at Aermec laboratories in Bevilacqua in the presence of technicians from RED Engineering Design, and Gratte Brothers contractors (designers and contractors on behalf of the customer).

Of course, all the technical and performance features were tested at Aermec’s new test chamber, the most sophisticated in Europe due to its Eurovent, AHRI, MCS and CUL certifications.
„Aermec’s test capacities were a great advantage: they offer one of the most complete testing structures in Europe and made it possible to completely test the chiller’s performance in order to satisfy the project requirements“, commented Alex Nock, a designer at RED Engineering.

Nock also declared: „due to the position of the data center, acoustics were just as important as maximising energy efficiency and satisfying the criteria of sustainability and reliability. Aermec’s free cooling chillers meet concerns concerning the environment, reliability, the performance requested by the customer, while also offering the best acoustic performance“.

„As a manufacturer, we have the flexibility to make changes and supply a more customised solution for our customers, who are able to perform verification tests to guarantee that the requested performance levels have been satisfied“, declared Paul Lawrence, Director of Aermec UK.

After the first months of operation, Aermec’s NSM chillers have maintained their promises.
Since September 2016 until January 2017, they obtained savings equal to £ 50,000 per month, (124,028.90 kWh).
The chillers also contributed towards reducing the PUE (the measurement of data center efficiency in using the electric energy that powers it: a lower value indicates more efficient data centers) which decreased from 1.7 to 1.4.

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