9 Aug 2018 | Aeroventic
Air pollution and protecting your health


Studies conducted by scientists  at Queen Mary’s university found that for every extra microgram per cubic centre of pm 2.5, a small particle of air pollution, and for every 1o extra micrograms per cubic meter of nitrogen dioxide, participants hearts grew in size by 1%. The study was conducted on 4,000 participants who had no previous underlying heart issues. This shocking statistic featured on BBC was backed up by another, that 8% or 50,000 deaths in the UK are linked to pollution.

These statistics are becoming an ever more real issue, as the UK became the 88th most polluted country, which, taking size into consideration, is very severe. The changes in one’s heart size are also comparable to being constantly inactive or even having elevated blood pressure. The scariest part about the statistic is that the 4,000 participants lived outside of the UK’s major cities and lived in areas below the UK pollution limits.

What exactly can be done to prevent the UK’s rising pollution levels harming you and your loved ones? Here are a few options….

Wear Face Masks

You could start wearing a face mask when you’re in a dangerously high polluted area, such as a big city.  Citizens of many large polluted cities around the world currently do this. You can find good quality masks online for an average of £12 with a filter efficiency rate of 95%.

Breathe through your nose

Another option is to try and breathe through your nose. This may sound a little silly, but your nose contains little hairs which help filter out some of the polluted particles, whereas your mouth doesn’t. You can even buy tiny filters which clip into your nose, that help to lower pollution levels even further.

Get a Meaco air purifier!

Invest in a good quality air purifier.  The Meacoclean CA-HEPA 47×5 is a high-quality, Allergy UK Approved air purifier

The Meacoclean removes pollen, smoke, dust, dust mites, mould spores, pollution, viruses and bacteria and pet dander from the air. In terms of room size the MeacoClean CA-HEPA 47×5 can move up to 236m3 of air per hour. The more often the air from your room goes through the air purifier each hour the cleaner the air will become. If your symptoms are mild then three times an hour will be fine, five times an hour will give better results and a factor of seven or eight times an hour should be used if your allergy is severe . With one filter lasting on average 6 months, combined with the low energy consumption of a maximum 50watts, the Meacoclean should be a staple for any allergy sufferer or anyone looking to improve their health by limiting their pollution consumption within their home.


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