1 Mar 2018 | Aeroventic
AmberAir will Contribute to Creation of a Good Indoor Microclimate at Santiago International Airport


Santiago International Airport, also known as Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport, is the largest airport in Chile and the sixth largest airport in the entire South America traffic-wise. It is a departure point for both local and international flights to Oceania, Europe as well as both South America and North America. The total capacity of the Airport is 15 million passengers per year. Ongoing developments are in progress in order to meet the growing needs. According to the Minister of Public Works of Chile, it is sought to make this airport the best to make this airport the best one in the entire South America.

The infrastructure development work is combined with construction of 170000 m2 passenger servicing terminal and expansion of the current terminal from 110000 m2 to 119000 m2. This will lead to increased total capacity of the Airport up to 30 million passengers per year. A good indoor microclimate is an essential part when it comes to ensuring impeccable operations at an airport. SALDA UAB together with its partners supplied modular air handling units AmberAir for the project. During the first stage: 40 air supply units AmberAir N with a mixing section, including 8 units of the biggest size 16-KR. Total volume of supplied air: 1.2 million m3/h.

Tomas Kinas, Chief Engineer-Constructor, noted that more than one project of a similar scope have been successfully implemented in Europe and Asia. And yet this time we had to transport the air handling units by the sea, which required making additional changes in the packaging. Packaging of AmberAir equipment included specific moisture absorbers as well as impact and inclination sensors. The external side of the products was covered with a specific film designed to protect from corrosion and transportation, which is typically used for transportation of aircrafts as well.

The air handling units have been equipped with SALDA smart MCB control panel, which is connected to the general building management system via the network module MB-Gateway by applying BACnet IP protocol. AmberAiar is a smart way to control the air.

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