16 Jul 2018 | Aeroventic
Camfil endorses Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill introduced to the House of Lords


In 2012, the London Olympics made air pollution a major topic of interest nationally and internationally putting England and Europe in the forefront of the air quality mission. Simon Birkett, founder and director of Clean Air in London (CAL), deemed achieving clean air not only in London, but in the world, as his mission in life. Camfil was a catalyst with Birkett in 2011 by offering to become Clean Air in London’s lead sponsor to support a campaign to build public understanding of indoor air quality.

This powerful partnership between Camfil and CAL continues to get stronger through the years bringing us to this historic moment in the clean air mission.

Baroness Jenny Jones introduced the Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill to the House of Lords on July 5, 2018 after working with CAL and Birkett on its content. The bill’s main purpose: to establish the right to breathe clean air. Camfil could not be more supportive and proud of Birkett and his work.

“Clean Air in London congratulates Baroness Jones on ‘introducing’ her Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill as a Private Members bill in the House of Lords on the 62nd anniversary of the first Clean Air Act,” Birkett said. “Baroness Jones’ Bill would enshrine the right to clean air in United Kingdom law across all forms of air pollution: indoor and outdoor; health and environment; and, for the first time, require joined up thinking on climate change and local air pollution. CAL is very grateful to Camfil for providing valuable technical advice and support for its work over many years.”

Peter Dyment of Camfil advised CAL on indoor air quality matters since 2011 and provided detailed technical advice to CAL over the last year as it helped Baroness Jones to craft her ‘Clean Air Bill’.

“Baroness Jones’ Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill shows great insight and would use ISO, CEN and BSI technical standards to achieve compliance with World Health Organisation guidelines for indoor air quality where people work and have public access and in new buildings,” Dyment said. “It is entirely deliverable and necessary to give people the right to clean air in buildings. Using international standards means that the legislation could be easily copied by other countries.”

The bill is predicted to be a model for similar legislation in other countries, regions and the United Nations. Camfil will report on further development of the bill with Birkett and Dyment and continue to aid in the mission of clean air for all.

For more information, visit https://cleanair.london/health/clean-air-is-a-human-right/

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