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Anuga Foodtech is a high-profile international event where the movers and shakers in the world of food technology congregate to meet and greet, buy and sell, mingle and motivate. There are all kinds of ideas, equipment, perspectives and trends on show – and everybody is looking at everybody.

That makes this particular trade fair a great place to observe and confirm equipment and processing trends.

Problem confirmed

Here at Cotes, we specialise in enabling customers to manage airborne moisture in their facilities – so we have to listen very carefully to what our customers consider their most serious problems to be.

On our stand in Hall 10.1* (refer to picture), we were pleased to talk to a steady stream of people keen to hear about the world’s most energy-efficient, versatile dehumidifiers.

Cotes staff were also busy out scouting what problems the companies that use our products are focusing on, and where their prime concerns seem to lie. Our suspicions market research and customer feedback were confirmed.

Drying = downtime

Food processing companies, slaughterhouses and cold stores have to pay close attention to hygiene standards, with frequent cleaning and no cutting corners. Documented compliance with stringent international hygiene requirements is often a prerequisite for doing business.

Talking to these companies confirmed that one of their major, ongoing concerns centres around output bottlenecks that arise because it takes such a long time to dry everything out after cleaning.

Such cleaning usually involves lots of steam and water. After cleaning, you can usually get rid of the actual water from equipment and surfaces – but it’s not so easy to remove it from the air throughout the facility – and that has consequences.

Airborne moisture so easily ends up as condensation and pooling water on the many cold surfaces, structures and equipment in cold stores and freezer facilities. Any residual humidity affects operating conditions and hygiene, and usually has to be dealt with before you can restart operations after a cleaning cycle. Any time spent drying things off and removing unwanted airborne moisture means downtime and loss of output, as well as impacting your throughputs and profit margins.

Humidity management = processing uptime

By contrast, quickly bringing levels of airborne humidity under control means you can restart operations faster after cleaning.

So if you can use adsorption deehumiidifiers to the levels of humidity in the air under control and prevent condensation forming, you can boost capacity as well as improving operational continuity. Greater control of processing conditions also means less risk, and customers more satisfied with what you provide.


The dehumidification technology that gets the job done

Adsorption dehumidification deals with causes rather than effects, and is vastly more effective than any traditional approaches, such as condensation dehumidification or old-school ventilation.

Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers – such as the All-Round C35 range for high ΔX values – provide big payoffs in virtually all the activities essential in cold stores and freezer facilities.

They give you a major productivity boost by quickly bringing airborne moisture levels under control after washing down equipment and surfaces – so you can get started again quickly. They also provide big benefits in helping you maintain hygiene standards.

They’re also ideal for keeping airborne moisture under full control in cold stores and freezer facilities, helping you reduce product damage and waste, improve safety, reduce maintenance costs and boost refrigeration efficiency.

Want to know more?

Cotes is one of the world’s leading experts in helping customers deal with uncontrolled airborne humidity.

Talk to us about what you need, and we’ll show you what’s possible. You’ll be surprised …

  • There’s specific, detailed information about how Cotes technology works in cold store installations in THIS BOOKLET
  • If you’d like info about how Cotes technology works in meat processing setups HERE
  • If you’d like info about how Cotes technology works in industrial freezer setups HERE

See you?

We’ll also have a stand at the Hannover Messe 2018 on 23–27 April – billed as the world’s leading trade show for industrial technology. (stand number and brief details needed)


The winner

And visiting the Cotes stand also gave a someone a chance to win a cool Skagen Smartwatch (a trendsetter in world-famous Danish minimalist design).

Congratulations to the fortunate winner, who was Mr. Oliver Maske.

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  • What is aeroventic?

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What You Get with us?