24 Aug 2018 | Aeroventic
Colt backs disappearing exhibition


Colt are pleased to be sponsoring the latest exhibition at the headquarters of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

‘Disappear Here’, created by Sam Jacob Studio, runs from May 2 to October 7 in the main display space at the RIBA building located in Portland Place, London. It charts the history of perspective by both architects and artists to capture ideas and building designs; through the use of an interactive space, with both physical manifestations of perspective and historical drawings, selected from RIBA’s extensive collection of artefacts. Straddling the worlds of art and architecture, Disappear Here is both theoretical and historical, looking back as far as the 15th century whilst also to the future with a digital display created by Shedworks.

Colt backs disappearing exhibition - 1

“We are proud to be sponsoring such an important and thought provoking exhibition,” said Colt’s business development director David Fitzpatrick. “As our industry becomes increasingly digital, it is timely to consider how the perspectives now generated by computer were first captured by human visionaries and how they inform so many aspects of the building systems we design today.”

Colt backs disappearing exhibition - 2

Colt have sponsored this exhibition because, like building design, it can also be seen in a different perspective. Continued innovation has put Colt at the forefront of its industry for over 85 years, growing to become a worldwide presence offering much more than just Smoke Control. Colt also offer Climate Control systems, harnessing natural technologies that increase a buildings energy efficiency whilst also creating a comfortable indoor environment. On top of this, Colt has a long history in providing Solar Shading and Louvre systems as adaptable and aesthetic solutions to create a balance between indoor and outdoor elements.

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It is very easy to take companies in the construction industry at face value, but often there is a lot more to these companies than people think. Although Colt has a long history in these various industries, it has not grown complacent or become ‘old fashioned’. Colt is as multi-dimensional as ever, from diverse and expert employees, ethical and sustainable practices, and even pioneering innovation and technology; it is important to look further into everything that Colt offer, and over time, perspectives will change.


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