21 Sep 2018 | Aeroventic
Energy efficient supermarkets in Thailand


A large retail chain, with more than 2000 stores in Thailand, has launched an energy-saving program for their entire organization. Frico air curtains are part of the concept and will protect air-conditioned premises and cold rooms.

The Frico project started together with Dixell Asia, Frico's agent in Thailand, and a major Thai contractor who is working with one of the world's largest retail chains. The retail chain had already initiated an energy-saving program and was interested in energy-efficient solutions.

-It was the perfect time for us to discuss the use of Frico air curtains as part of the concept, says Jonas Elmnäs, Export Manager at Frico. However, convincing evidence was required to demonstrate that air curtains really can prevent heat from entering air-conditioned and chilled premises such as shops and cold rooms.

-It has taken almost one year from the day we began the project until we received the first order, says Jonas Elmnäs. It is one thing to execute tests in a laboratory environment and another in reality, considering many parameters which are difficult to control. Therefore, it took a while to find an optimal way to perform tests and at the same time the best way to present results.  After finding the optimal solution it was easy moving test equipment between different locations and stores to carry out tests. From this we learned a lot along the way and most importantly realized the difference the Frico air curtains made in cold rooms, entrances and air-conditioned premises. The focus was on limiting heat from entering, which is problematic in climate controlled premises in hot countries such as Thailand. Additional unwanted heat increases the load on HVAC equipment and has negative impact in terms of energy consumption, service, maintenance and cleaning. Jonas Elmnäs explains that in Thailand heat shall be prevented from entering premises while the amount of air that needs cooling shall be limited which is the complete opposite of cold countries where the aim is to retain heat and reduce the loss of heated air.


The temperature increase was greatly reduced using Frico air curtains. Measurements were taken with and without air curtains. Air curtains cannot assure 100% protection and allow a small amount of heat to enter . However, installing an air curtain will greatly reduce the air which requires cooling.  The energy saving was measured and even exceeded  expectation.

Freezer, supermarket, Thailand
30 m2
Temperature, freezer: -20 °C
Temperature, outdoors: 28 °C

Energy efficient supermarkets in Thailand - 1

Heat gains when the door opens without air curtain (red) and Frico air curtain (blue).

Compared to plastic strips, Frico showed energy savings.

- You receive a big energy saving in kWh, but it's even more interesting when you add all the other benefits such as:- less ice formation, lower maintenance and service, saving you money really fast, says Jonas Elmnäs. The smoother temperature curve which air curtains provide will extend the durability of food and medication or whichever produce is stored in the cold room, which also contributes to overall savings and efficiency.

Freezer, supermarket, Thailand
40 m2
Temperature, freezer: -20 °C
Temperature, outdoors: 28 °C 

Energy efficient supermarkets in Thailand - 2

Power consumption in a doorway with plastic strips (red) and with air curtain (blue).

Why Frico

Frico also tested against competitors´ air curtains to determine the difference between other air curtain brands

- It does matter which air curtain you choose, says Jonas Elmnäs. We have more than 45 years of experience in the development and manufacture of air curtains resulting in the knowledge that keeps us at the forefront.

Supermarket, Thailand

Open 6AM-12PM (18h)

Energy efficient supermarkets in Thailand - 3

90% less energy consumption with Frico PAEC compared to competitor.


Frico now offers an even better solution for air-conditioned rooms and cold rooms namely the PAEC air curtain series with EC motor. This enables the airflow to be ultimately optimized and provides maximum energy saving and protection in every unique installation.

-This also means saving energy when it comes to air curtain motor consumption as the air curtain speed is varied dependent on demand. We combine the EC motor with Frico's unique design including cross-flow fan, optimized intake grille as well as fan housing and exhaust grille which minimizes turbulence and provides a homogeneous air beam in the longitudinal direction. This means that Frico takes control of the air to create a powerful and laminar air flow for the highest level of protection. If you do not take control of the air at the intake, you willlimit performance which will result in a less efficient air curtain such as a box with a fan, says Jonas Elmnäs. We design all products according to Thermozone technology, which means optimized airflow, design and sound which makes the big difference.

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