29 Jun 2017 | Aeroventic
Eurovent members shine at German industry award (GEN - 792.00)

The first ‘Vertrauenpreis der LüKK’ by CCI magazine received a very positive echo GEN - 793.00. On 22 June 2017, the CCI magazine awarded its trust award for the German HVACR industry (‘Vertrauenpreis der LüKK’). Seventy manufacturers of the ventilation, air-conditioning and cold-storage sector had to put themselves to the vote by specialist planners, system builders and operators. Especially Eurovent member companies managed to shine in their respective product categories.

The first places in 14 product categories received an award from Susanne Keller (owner of CCI Dialog GmbH) and Manfred Stahl (publisher of the CCI magazine) at the Palazzo in Karlsruhe, Germany. CCI Dialog GmbH has launched the award in the year of its 50th anniversary.


536 jurors decided with 25,600 individual evaluations over the winner. Not only the quality of technology and products was assessed, but also the satisfaction with the planning support and the after-sales service. Furthermore, the overall reliability and recommendation rate (that is, the trust that customers put into manufacturers) was rated.

The first three winners in the 14 categories can be found below.

In cci newspaper 07/2017, which will be published on 30 June, the magazine will present the award and its winners in detail in a special section.


First place

  • Ebm-papst Mulfingen GmbH (Central air-conditioning and air-conditioning systems and their components)
  • Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. (Multisplit and VRF systems)
  • Schako KG (fan coil units)
  • Helios Ventilatoren GmbH (residential ventilation with heat recovery)
  • Kampmann GmbH (systems for indoor ventilation)
  • Rentschler Reven GmbH (systems for kitchen ventilation)
  • MEZ-Technik GmbH (ducts)
  • Trox GmbH (air diffusers)
  • Stulz GmbH (Compact Liquid Cooling Units)
  • Thermal Wärmetauscher-Systeme GmbH (heat exchangers)
  • Bitzer Kühlmaschinenbau GmbH (condensing kits)
  • Sauter Cumulus GmbH (Building automation systems)
  • Belimo Stellantriebe Vertriebs GmbH (controllers)
  • Trox GmbH (Fire Protection Components and Systems)


  • Howatherm Klimatechnik GmbH (Central HVAC and air conditioning systems and their components)
  • Alfred Kaut GmbH (Multisplit and VRF systems)
  • Kampmann GmbH (fan coils)
  • Systemair GmbH (Apartment ventilation with heat recovery)
  • Helios Ventilatoren GmbH (Systems for indoor ventilation)
  • AL-KO Therm GmbH (systems for kitchen ventilation)
  • Lindab GmbH (ducts)
  • Lindab GmbH (air diffusers)
  • Trane Deutschland GmbH (Compact Liquid Cooling Units)
  • Güntner GmbH (heat exchangers)
  • Carrier Klimatechnik GmbH (Condensing Units)
  • Saia Burgess Controls Deutschland GmbH (Building automation systems)
  • Danfoss GmbH (controllers)
  • Oppermann Regelgeräte GmbH (Fire Protection Components and Systems)


  • Trox GmbH (Central air-conditioning and air-conditioning systems and their components)
  • Toshiba / Bejer Ref Deutschland GmbH (Multisplit and VRF systems)
  • DencoHappel GmbH (fan coil units)
  • Limot GmbH Ventilation technology (residential ventilation with heat recovery)
  • Menerga GmbH (Systems for indoor ventilation)
  • Systemair GmbH (systems for kitchen ventilation)
  • BerlinerLufttechnik GmbH (ducts)
  • Caverion GmbH / Krantz (air diffusers)
  • Strulik GmbH (air diffusers)
  • Alfred Kaut GmbH (compact liquid coolers)
  • E. W. Gohl GmbH (heat exchangers)
  • Swegon Germany GmbH (condensing kits)
  • Deos AG (Building automation systems)
  • Oppermann Regelgeräte GmbH (controllers)
  • Helios Ventilatoren (fire protection components and systems)


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