11 Jan 2018 | Aeroventic
Eurovent to host Webinar on its new Recommendation 4/23 (2017) (GEN - 864.00)

GEN - 864.00. On Tuesday, 23 January 2018 from 13:30-14:30h (Brussels time), the Eurovent Association is going to host a Webinar on its new Recommendation 4/23 (2017) on the “Selection of EN ISO 16890 rated air filter class for general ventilation applications”. All HVAC professionals dealing with ventilation systems are invited to join, independent from their Eurovent membership. After a general introduction, participants are invited to ask questions. The registration procedure is provided within the article.

About Eurovent 4/23 (2017)

The efficiency classification established in EN ISO 16890 differs fundamentally from the efficiency definition of EN 779. Substantial differences in the approach to the classification definition, but also to test methods, brought Eurovent to the fact that filter classes rated according to EN ISO 16890 and EN 779 cannot be directly compared or converted by means of any calculation method. If done so, it would nullify the large potential the ISO standards has to offer in terms of Indoor Air Quality.

Although the ISO 16890 classification establishes an effective Indoor Air Quality design tool for engineers and maintenance staff, there are no available corresponding European guidelines on correct filter class selection for various applications taking a sufficient Indoor Air Quality into account.

The Eurovent Recommendation 4/23 fills this gap. It reflects a deep technical understanding and the combined know-how of the many filtration experts within the Eurovent Association. It supports a swift transition away from EN 779 while making full use of potential EN ISO 16890 offers in terms of Indoor Air Quality.

Webinar content

During the upcoming Webinar, Mr Igor Sikonczyk from Eurovent is going to brief on the new Eurovent 4/23 standard in-depth. Thereafter, the Chairmen of the Eurovent Product Group ‘Air Filters’, Mr Jan Andersson and Dr Thomas Caesar, are going to answer your questions.

Date and registration

The Webinar is going to take place on

Tuesday, 23 January 2018, from 13:30-14:30h (Brussels Time), through a WebEx online meeting

Everyone interested can sign up by sending an email to secretariat@eurovent.eu  

The login data for the online meeting is going to be provided one day in advance.

Meanwhile, do not hesitate to contact Ms Andrea Gasparova (andrea.gasparova@eurovent.eu) if you have any questions.

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