22 Mar 2018 | Aeroventic


Complete Production Line and Air Filtration System for Large Airlaid Manufacturer

Moldow A/S and Dan-Web Machinery A/S, two of the largest international suppliers within their respective fields, have in cooperation just finished the delivery of a complete production and air filtration system for the American Airlaid industry.

The customer is one of the world’s largest manufacturers within airlaid – an industry responsible for producing e.g. napkins, feminine hygiene products, wipes and toilet paper.

Based on their specialized knowledge and reputation for supplying high quality lines for this particular industry, Dan-Web Machinery A/S was chosen as the supplier of the complete production line with Moldow A/S as the supplier of the extraction and filtration system including fans for a large new manufacturing facility in the United States.

– Our cooperation with Dan-Web goes back more than 20 years. They were looking for a supplier capable of ensuring the best solutions within dust extraction and air filtration to include as part of their complete scope of delivery, says Moldow’s Managing Director, K. Preben Hansen.

The installation and commissioning of the production line has just been finalized.

– We have supplied four large baghouse filter systems for a total capacity of approx. 600.000 m3 air per hour and about 70 fans. They are to ensure correct extraction from the production facilities and filtration of the air, separating the cellulose fibers from the airstream. The captured fibers are then transported and feed to balers via jet conveyors and cyclones, and the clean process air is returned to the production facilities, explains Product Manager, Johannes Ipsen.


Air Filtration Systems Adapted to Each Industry

Moldow is well-known worldwide for supplying extraction and filtration systems to the woodworking industry since 1921, but the Moldow Filtration Systems are also used within other industries:

– Our filter systems were originally designed for the woodworking industry, but our well-founded technical knowledge within filtration has allowed us to adapt these systems for use within the non-woven fiber, pulp, paper and also airlaid industries where we have been active for more than 20 years, Johannes Ipsen says.

– When filtrating this type of material, it’s especially important that the fibers are not exposed to moisture through condensation. This is why these particular filters have been insulated and are placed under a roof. This is somewhat atypical but the best solution to ensure a reliable system, explains Johannes Ipsen.


New Project Already in the Pipeline

Airlaid is a growing industry worldwide, and this project is only one within a long line of successful projects that Moldow and Dan-Web have cooperated on, and the next one is already in the pipeline:

– We are already working on a similar project to an airlaid manufacturer in Scandinavia with the installation starting within a few weeks, says Johannes Ipsen.


What is airlaid? The airlaid process is a unique manufacturing process for handling natural paper fibers. Compared to traditional wet processes, the fibers are handled and transported by air. The resulting products are both soft and highly absorbent, and airlaid materials are used in a large number of everyday products, such as table top products, sanitary napkins, meat pads, wet wipes and other absorbent products.


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