15 May 2018 | Aeroventic
Fourth consecutive record result


Fantastic year for KE Fibertec AS

"2017 has been a very busy year for KE Fibertec AS. We have experienced significant growth on all our key markets so we are very satisfied that we were able to turn our double-digit growth into a considerably better bottomline without creating bottleneck problems in our organization or delivery delays for our customers," says Managing Director Carsten Jespersen.

"The total earnings before tax of the KE Group came to approx. MDKK 21.3 and the net earnings were MDKK 16.3. This is our fourth consecutive record result and of course we are very happy and proud," Carsten Jespersen continues.

"We have had a positive impact from a good order mix in 2017 which cannot only be ascribed to a single market or a few orders. We have seen a positive development on almost all export markets, perhaps with the exception of Turkey. Germany in particular and a number of Asian markets have been standing out, and we expect to further develop this work in 2018.

Our new state-of-the-art design program, TBV Designer, has been implemented in the entire company including subsidiaries. That means that we are able to present layouts, technical features, and air visualization much more visually than today. Furthermore, we are ready for the market introduction of our updated ceiling panel product FBS PanelsVersion 2.0 for mounting in almost all types of suspended ceilings. Version 1.0 was primarily designed for draft-free personal ventilation directly above office work places. With the second generation 2.0 we have expanded our product range enabling us to cover a wider spectrum of solutions for all types of offices, laboratories, operating rooms, etc.

In the course of 2018 our website will feature an online dimensioning module, and in addition to a 48 hour delivery service of our most common panels we feel well prepared to service our Danish installation contractors with this new concept in textile based ventilation," Carsten Jespersen concludes.

KE Fibertec's key figures in the last four years:



KE Group key figures [MDKK] 2017 2016 2015 2014
Turnover N/A N/A N/A N/A
Gross profit 62.821 56.711 55.743 50.664
EBITDA 26.183 19.149 18.698 14.329
EBIT 23.181 15.982 15.237 11.270
Earnings before tax 21.346 15.334 14.125 10.180
Net earnings 16.266 11.628 10.632 7.547
Balance sheet total 51.047 46.247 48.297 47.465
Equity capital 25.780 19.626 18.075 22.904
Number of employees 113 113 112 106

KE Fibertec AS is credit rated AAA by Bisnode Denmark.



  • KE Fibertec is the largest manufacturer of textile ducting worldwide
  • The group includes the parent company in Vejen, DK, and seven subsidiaries in Europe, Turkey, and the USA
  • KE Fibertec employs nearly 120 staff, approx. 50% in subsidiaries
  • KE Fibertec is owned by Jysk-Fynsk Kapital (70%), L. E. Kristiansen Erhvervsinvest ApS (10%), and KE Pulje ApS (20%). KE Pulje is owned by the day-to-day management group of KE Fibertec (Managing Director Carsten Jespersen, Produktion Director Johnny Kusk Møller, and Financial Manager Svend Anker Fogh)
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