2 Aug 2017 | Aeroventic
GREE and TOSOT Advancing Side by Side in Russia

On July 20, Gree Russian agent E company successfully held the dealers meeting to commemorate the 16th anniversary of GREE brand in National Hotel, Moscow. It’s been 16 years since Gree entered Russia. Dealers from Belarus, Moscow, Coors Dana and so on attended this meeting. During the meeting, Mr. Petrovich, Vice General Manager of Gree agent E company delivered a speech with the theme of “Looking forward to the future by reviewing the past 16 years’ cooperation”, presenting the development history with Gree in the past 16 years, reviewing the bygone struggle course and introducing subsequent market strategy for GREE brand to deepen future development.

Meanwhile, the handover ceremony on air conditioning project in Moldova arena, the competition venue of World Cup 2018 was also held. With excellent reliability and economical efficiency (energy conservation), Gree High-efficiency Water Cooled Screw Chiller won the bid successfully, thus Gree being the sole brand of chiller, also the main air conditioner supplier in that venue.

GREE and TOSOT Advancing Side by Side in Russia - 1

On Jul 23 right after the dealers meeting of GREE brand, Gree TOSOT Russian agent I company also held the meeting of TOSOT dealers in St.Petersburg.

A senior officer from TOSOT Russian agent made a speech to illustrate the development history of TOSOT Russia in recent years and work out the upcoming strategic plan for TOSOT in Russia. The manager of TOSOT agent mainly introduced the development progress of Elite Club plan in TOSOT Russia and the achievements in promoting TOSOT e-commerce channel.

Through abundant activities, GREE and TOSOT dealers meeting enhanced the communication among the manufacturers, agents and dealers, reinforced the dealers’ understanding towards Gree culture and business management concept and strengthened their loyalty and confidence in Gree.

Li Shaobin, Assistant Chief Engineer from Gree headquarters attended the meetings of GREE and TOSOT dealers, which fully demonstrated that Gree paid close attention to Russian market and the development of self-owned brand. On behalf of Chairperson of the Board of Gree Ms. Dong Mingzhu and all Greers, Li delivered a speech to thank all the guests on site and introduced Gree’s industrial status, technical strength, product quality and industrial strength to the dealers in detail. Meanwhile, he presented Gree’s achievements in intelligent manufacture and IT field emphatically, which will apply big data to product development, production management and after-sales services etc. to upgrade product competitiveness, production efficiency and after-sales service quality. Currently in China, Gree central air conditioners, e.g. VRF and chiller, have been configured with network access, technicians can monitor operation data in real time to provide fast and high-quality services and develop excellent products for consumers with big data.

GREE brand entered Russia in 2001 and TOSOT in 2011 officially. Now these two brands have formed a pattern of advancing side by side. In recent years, the sales of Gree expanded quickly in Russia and market occupancy is improving steadily, which is up to 20% in 2017. Points of sales and after-sales centers for GREE and TOSOT are set up in major cities of Russia as we believe after-sales services and quality assurance are the core competitive strengths for Gree in local market. Russian consumers think highly of our concept. By insisting on the agent pattern firmly and with original products of core technologies, Gree will be loved by Russian people!

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