25 Jan 2018 | Aeroventic
Intuitive Super Pack Now Available!

Resource Data Management (RDM), global energy and building controls specialist announced the launch of a new generation of Intuitive Super Pack Controller available from 22nd January 2018. The new Intuitive Super Pack Controller (PR0650-SUP) introduces a range of fresh and improved features designed to increase the flexibility of the device and provide optimal user interaction while reducing installation costs.

Advanced Hardware Upgrades

As one of the most cost-effective pack controllers on the market, the new model boasts increased processing power and memory, an extended temperature range, front-facing USB master port, dual Ethernet ports and an optional built-in colour display.

Temperature range extended by 35°C

From -10°C to -40°C (-14°F to -40°F ) and the higher range increased from 60°C to 65°C (140°F to 149°F ).

Optional built-in colour LCD

Allows for values, graphs, gauges and additional mimics to be displayed and navigated using the front buttons.

Additional Ethernet port installed

Dual ports act as a switch, using the same IP address and reducing the need for third-party network switches

Built-in front facing USB host

Supplementing the existing port on top of the controller.

Limited power supply from a computer USB connection

Limited power from a USB connection on a PC or laptop can now be used during the installation and set-up of the controller, negating the need for a dedicated 24vAC/DC supply.

Cutting-edge Software Upgrades

Displaying the same familiar interface, but with upgraded features, our new controller eliminates the immediate need for any further training for experienced users.

Configurable LCD screen

New set up menus allow for configuration of the front LCD screen.

Multi-screen visibility

New layout menu permits up to six screens with four values on each to be visible on the LCD.

Customisable display

New intuitive display block gives users the ability to specify screens shown on the LCD.

Compatibility with Existing Accessories

The new Intuitive Super Pack Controller is compatible with all preceding models, using an identical plastic enclosure with core inputs and outputs that are the same size and located in the same position. Allowing for replacements and retrofits to be carried out with ease.

The device will support existing accessories that are already installed, with the exception of wireless mesh products.

Find Out More

For more information on the new and enhanced features available, please refer to the Intuitive Super Pack Controller Switchover Guide from the Documentation page of the RDM website. Please note, that if you have not already done so, you will need to register to download RDM product documentation. You can login or register here

Or speak to a member of our team about your new controller by contacting your RDM account manager or our sales team at sales@resourcedm.com

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