13 Jul 2017 | Aeroventic

Gain insights into the role of Indoor Environment Quality and HVAC systems in modern, sustainable building

Join us at the Debate.Comfort.Construction.Energy 2017 conference in Warsaw - 1

GEN - 798.00. Debate.Comfort.Construction.Energy 2017 (DKBE) is going to be a unique event merging experience and knowledge of various experts from the building industry in the unique setting of Warsaw’s national stadium. The conference will address a wide range of topics including Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ), principles of the building mechanical system design, and the impact of user behaviour on overall building energy consumption. The Eurovent Association is supporting and contributing to this forward-thinking conference.

The DBKE 2017 conference will be organised in Warsaw on 5 October 2017 by OSWBZ (Association for Supporting the Sustainable Building Industry), PZiTS (Polish association of HVAC engineers – REHVA member), SPW (Polish Ventilation Association) and our Affiliated Manufacturer Lindab. The event will be hosted in a very specific place, the National Stadium Warsaw, which normally sees most important football matches, but offers also comfortable and specious meeting rooms.

The patronage of the conference will be taken by Polish Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction as well as various non-governmental organisations and industrial associations. Eurovent will take the honorary patronage of the event.

Over 250 leading experts representing various activities is expected to participate in the conference. Numerous seminars will be delivered by both academics and representatives of research centres, but also practitioners involved in building design and certification.

A debate on comfort and energy will be joined by investors and facility manages. Their expectation and requirements will be discussed by highly skilled consultants, who will brief also on current challenges in design of energy efficient and user-friendly buildings.

Lectures will be divided into groups of topic dealing with the same issue. This will enable all guests to take part in most related and interesting seminars.

The first group will address topics related to investors, facility mangers and architect and will include among other lectures on

Optimal architectonic design with respect to HVAC systems,
Building energy certification,
Report on actual energy consumption in office buildings, and the
Impact of high-tech HVAC system on energy savings.
The second main group will focus HVAC consultants and installers, and will include seminars regarding

Thermography and air tightness testing as a method to ensure energy efficiency of the building,
Energy modelling as integrated designing tool,
Air flow rates control systems.
The event will culminate in panel discussion open for all participants.



What is aeroventic?
  • What is aeroventic?

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What You Get with us?
What You Get with us?