22 Nov 2017 | Aeroventic
Making zone control more cost-efficient

OJ Electronics have added zone control to the OJ Air2 range of AHU controls, enabling AHUs to handle four different temperature zones directly. This makes your AHU systems more cost-efficient overall – and system integration is perfectly simple.

Control up to four zones directly
OJ Electronics have added a zone control option to the OJ Air2 range of AHU control technology. The new solution makes it possible to attach zone control modules directly to your system, allowing a single unit to handle four different zone requirements. The solution is ideal for shops, sports venues, small-scale workshops, supermarkets and all other small to medium-sized venues where different zones have different comfort demands.

Cost-efficient option makes your systems more competitive Having a single unit handle four different zones is far more affordable than having single systems for each zone. It also allows smaller set-ups to handle complex tasks that would otherwise require larger systems. This means that the new zone control option helps system designers make simpler, more affordable systems for zone control in smaller-scale set-ups – which will also boost the competitiveness of their solutions.

Easy integration with plug’n’play technology
The new zone control modules are intuitive, plug’n’play technology: they plug straight into the overall OJ Air2 set-up. Anyone familiar with OJ technology will feel instantly at home, as the modules shares the same functionality you know from e.g. the GreenZone solutions for large buildings.

Touchscreen panels available
The zone control modules can be connected to touchscreen panels in individual rooms if you want everyday users to have access to direct control.

The OJ-Air2 controls up to four zones directly from your AHU

Individual zone control with OJ Air2

  • Control up to four zones directly from a single AHU
  • Ideal for smaller-scale set-ups where different areas have different indoor climate requirements – e.g. shops, smaller-scale supermarkets and workshops, sports venues, etc.
  • More intelligent and more affordable system set-ups

For additional information, please contact:  
Jens Antonsen, Product Manager, HVAC Systems
Tel: +45 73 12 13 38 (Direct)
Email: JBA@OJ.DK

- or visit http://www.ojelectronics.com/Business-Areas/HVAC-Controls-Power/OJ-Air2.aspx

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  • What is aeroventic?

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What You Get with us?