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NV Embedded® - An adaptable solution. Naturally Intelligent.


For the first time in 10 years, WindowMaster launches a new, state-of-the-art solution that sets the stage for the future of indoor climate control.

The new solution labelled NV Embedded® is WindowMaster’s next generation of indoor climate control solutions specifically designed to fit all building types as the solution does not require any specific fieldbus technology, but can use both BACnet, Modbus, and KNX depending on the preferred level of BMS integration, as decided by the building owner. As a result, the new NV Embedded® is both flexible and scalable. Furthermore, NV Embedded® benefits from an advanced cloud solution allowing building administrators to access real time- or historical building data regardless of time and place.

What further separates NV Embedded® from existing solutions on the market is the relocation of the software that enables the system to automatically control the indoor climate through for example motorized windows, sun shading, heating/cooling, and mechanically assisted mixed-mode ventilation based on input from sensors that monitor CO2 level, indoor and outdoor temperature, windspeed- and buoyancy, and humidity. Previously, the intelligent software has been placed in an assigned PC or control panel that communicates with the MotorControllers, which in turn controls the window actuators opening and closing the windows. What WindowMaster has essentially done, is to embed the intelligence in their MotorControllers. Accordingly, no additional control unit is necessary, and users can access information about the system and the indoor climate or change settings from any device or via a brand-new app.

The next generation of indoor climate control – IoT and smart buildings

The number of smart components and systems installed in buildings is growing at a rapid pace and the trend is expected to accelerate in the years to come. Hence, to reduce complexity for the building owners and facility managers, it is key to connect and exchange data between components to ensure that the building is functioning as designed.

Smart building technology utilizing cloud-based solutions facilitates real-time data visibility as well as advanced analytics, which is useful for continuous monitoring, remote controlling of systems, predictive analytics and data-driven decisions.

NV Embedded® is built on the notion that IoT (Internet of Things) provides value to all parties related to the building from the owner and operator to the end-user. By storing data in the cloud or BMS and by enabling control via an app, users can directly change their micro environment and the facility staff can monitor and control the HVAC of the entire building. And by permitting the building’s operational systems to deliver more accurate and useful information, operations can be improved resulting in the best experiences for the occupants.

By embracing modern technologies, the solution is advancing a new breed of smart buildings that are better aligned with the priorities of all stakeholders.

An adaptable solution tailored to the future

As more and more HVAC products reach the market Engineers, Architects, Contractors, and Façade builders have more systems to keep track of; something that may lead to information overload and increase the risk of errors.

WindowMaster has addressed this issue by creating the first all-in-one solution where the MotorController and comfort ventilation functions run on the same device. Moreover, the multi-level BMS integration ranging from zero to full integration and everything in between allows a whole new level of flexibility in terms of system set-up; NV EmbeddedÒ can both stand alone and be interfaced into any major BSM system.

The new NV Embedded® solution for indoor climate control will consist of a number of MotorControllers and appertaining USB keys containing an NV license to activate the required number of ventilation zones, as well as sensors, weather stations and window actuators. It is a complete and scalable package that has been designed for simple installation.

New features will continuously be added to the system based on input from the markets and can be easily integrated into the existing NV EmbeddedÒ solution via simple software updates.

The first beta projects have been running successfully for a year and the first customer shipments are slated for Q4 2018.

For more information about NV Embedded®, please click here 

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