3 Oct 2017 | Aeroventic
Peter Müller (POLYBLOC) to become new Chairman of Eurovent Product Group ‘Energy Recovery Components’

Müller will be the first-ever Swiss to chair Europe’s major grouping of manufacturers of energy recovery devices for ventilation

Brussels, 2 October 2017. During their meeting of the Eurovent Association Product Group ‘Energy Recovery Components’ in Brussels, Belgium, on 28 September 2017, members have elected Mr Peter Müller as their new Chairman, effective as of 1 January 2018. He is one of Europe’s leading experts in this field and Managing Partner at POLYBLOC AG (Switzerland) – a pioneer in advanced heat recovery systems, which has been producing heat exchangers since 1982.

Müller follows Mr Timo Schreck (Enventus), who had been chairing the group for more than 10 years and recently changed his company function. The new Chairman is going to be supported by Mr Thomas Richter, responsible for Business Development in the Energy Recovery area at Hoval Aktiengesellschaft (Liechtenstein), who was elected Vice-Chairman.

Peter Müller stated following his assignment: ‘Energy recovery has become a field of ever-increasing importance in the ventilation area, not least thanks to the constant lobbying efforts of our Product Group and my predecessor Timo Schreck in front of public decision-makers. Today, nearly each new air handling unit requires heating or cooling recovery due to legislative requirements and its significant contribution to lowering energy demands. It will be an honor for me to continue this path and to bringing European premium technology forward.’

The Eurovent Product Group ‘Energy Recovery Components’ is the largest grouping in its product area in Europe, counting close to 20 manufacturers as members. Among other things, the Product Group deals with the development of codes of good practice (Eurovent Recommendations), technological as well as trade and export issues. It actively contributes to the development of the European Union Ecodesign Regulation for Ventilation Units and related legislative topics. The Product Group is not handling ‘Eurovent Certified Performance’ issues, which is taking place within the so-called ‘Compliance Committee’ of the association’s independent subunit Eurovent Certita Certification.

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