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RDM Attend FMI Energy and Store Development Conference 2018


Resource Data Management attended and exhibited at Atlanta’s FMI Energy and Store Development Conference September 23 - 26 for a sixth year. The event was hosted by FMI, the Food Marketing Institute, an organisation which strives to provide comprehensive programs, resources, guidance, advocacy and services for the food, pharmacy and grocery retail industry. Through training sessions and networking opportunities, the conference built both knowledge and industry contacts within this new era of food retail.


As well as attending training sessions and conference sessions, our RDM USA team, including Christopher Pegg, Sales Manager, North America, exhibited within the Manufacturer + Retail Exchange (M+RE) on the Sunday and Monday evenings. Here the team offered demonstrations of our products and showed why our software and hardware solutions are used by major retailers across the world.  

What did the RDM USA team offer to event attendees?

Our team were often asked which benefits and functions of our solutions are specifically designed for this new era of food retail and gave attendees the following feedback:

  • With consumer demand for sustainability in the food industry growing, retailers are under pressure to streamline their energy use and become more eco-friendly. With the DMTouch – our control system front-end – organisations can address this concern through our demand-driven energy saving features, which include energy monitoring, rack/pack optimisation, trend display and several other energy control applications.
  • By focusing on innovative technology, RDM products incorporate the latest software – all the time. How? By offering remote upgrading through our fully integrated IP network. This means that as soon as we have any new developments, our customers can contact us and have them too, which enables them to be more receptive to the ever-changing food retail landscape.
  • Our HVAC and refrigeration products are based on open protocols. This means our customers can link our devices to existing equipment through a common language – we do not lock you in via a closed protocol. Customers are therefore free to choose from a range of suppliers which best meet the technical and financial needs of their stores. The result? Greater flexibility and scalability whilst reducing installation time and costs.

What did the RDM USA team take away from the event?

Through various event sessions and after having discussions with suppliers and retailers alike, our team identified a number of trends to look out for in 2019:

A focus on consumer convenience >

In today’s modern society, consumers are looking to streamline their shopping experience. Gone are vast, sprawling stores – they are being replaced with space-saving outlets where speed and efficiency is key. Retailers should take note of this, ensuring all in-store devices communicate smoothly to minimise any disruption to visitors. Consider a flexible HVACR and lighting control system that has the ability to communicate across open protocols and can adapt quickly to different scenarios in retail.

A drive to minimise costs in light of increased competition from online stores >

As consumers look online for their food shopping, again in an attempt to improve convenience, physical stores need to minimise costs to retain healthy profit margins. In 2019 and beyond, this will involve investment in technology which will not only improve the customer experience, but will offer a tangible return on investment (ROI). Food retailers must therefore not only aim to select the most appropriate HVACR/BEMS devices for their store, but also assess any hidden future license or maintenance fees which will hinder profits.

Improved user-friendly designs for navigating monitoring solutions >

Better UX (user-experience) designs need to make it easier to minimise energy use in stores and adopt more sustainable practices. This is in light of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development initiative. RDM are approaching this trend with the development of our new Data Manager/DMTouch software, which has a sleek new graphical user interface. Due to be released in 2019, it will be our biggest development in many years.

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