9 Oct 2017 | Aeroventic
Rhoss - Compact-ID

New range of FULL INVERTER Compact-ID refrigerators and heat pumps for indoor installation, with high seasonal efficiency and already compliant with ERP 2021.

The units are equipped with scroll EC Inverter compressors and PLUG-FAN fans with low EC motor, with the possibility to directly decide the direction of the air supply on site (vertical or horizontal).

Low consumption compact-ID


Cooling capacity: 16.4÷27.5 kW
Heating capacity: 17.7÷28.5 kW

Plus Product

  •  PLUG-FAN fans with low consumption EC motor
  •  Vertically or horizontally channelled delivery.
  •  Winter operation up to -20°C outdoor air
  •  Hot water production up to 60°C
  •  Built-in MASTER/SLAVE control

Packaged reversible air cooled heat pumps and water chillers with Plug-Fan fans with EC motor. Range with scroll hermetic compressors, DC Inverter and R410A refrigerant gas.

  • Compressor: scroll type, rotary, hermetic with Inverter operation, complete with thermal protection and casing heater.
  • Water side heat exchanger: adequately insulated stainless steel plates, complete with antifreeze heater and water flow differential pressure switch.
  • Air side heat exchanger: featuring a finned coil with copper pipes and aluminium fins for TCCITY and with hydrophilic treatment for THCITY, complete with protection grilles.
  • Fan: Plug-Fan electric fan with directly coupled, low consumption EC motor fitted with internal thermal protection and accident protection grilles. Removable fan unit section for on-site installation.
  • Vertical condensing air delivery, horizontal outlet easily transformed on-site.
  • Proportional electronic device for continuous fan rotation speed adjustment up to an outdoor air temperature of -15°C in chiller mode and up to an outdoor air temperature of 40°C in heat pump mode.
  • Control: microprocessor electronic control with Adaptive Function Plus logic.
  • Structure: made of galvanised and painted steel plate, complete with condensate drain tray and unit base antifreeze heater for THCITY.
  • The unit is also complete with:
    • outdoor air temperature probe for set-point compensation;
    • electronic expansion valve;
    • display of cooling circuit high and low pressure;
    • Master/Slave control up to 4 units in parallel;
    • clock board.


T - High efficiency.


TCCITY: unit designed for cooling only.
THCITY: heat pump unit.

PUMP set up

  • Pump unit complete with: EC circulator with 3 speed selector or continuous speed regulation or electric pump, membrane expansion tank, manual air vent valve, safety valve and pressure gauge.

    TANK&PUMP set up
  • Pump unit complete with: inertial buffer tank, circulator or electric circulation pump, membrane expansion tank, manual air vent valve, safety valve, and pressure gauge.

Factory fitted accessories

  • Forced Download. Compressor partialisation or switch-off to limit the consumed current and power (digital input).
  • Antifreeze heater on the buffer tank.
  • Circulator/electric pump antifreeze heater.
  • Pre-painted copper/aluminium or copper/copper coils.
  • Digital input for double set-point.
  • 4-20 mA analogue input for shifting set-point.

Separately supplied accessories

  • 3-way valve for the production of domestic hot water, managed by regulation.
  • Additional electrical resistance for heat pump, managed by regulation.
  • Remotely controllable outdoor air temperature probe for set-point compensation.
  • Delivery anti-vibration fitting.
  • Suction duct fitting.
  • Water filter.
  • Rubber anti-vibration mounts.
  • Remote keypad with display.
  • Interfaces for serial communication with other devices.
  • RS485/USB serial converter.
  • Rhoss supervisors for unit monitoring and remote management.


What is aeroventic?
  • What is aeroventic?

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What You Get with us?
What You Get with us?