24 Aug 2017 | Aeroventic
SK Tuote to build the largest solar power plant in the Vaasa power grid

SK Tuote Oy, known for its VILPE® construction products, will install the largest solar power plant in the Vaasa region on the roof of its Lintuvuori factory in the municipality of Mustasaari. The investment is part of the company's strategy to increasingly commit to sustainable development and the preservation of natural diversity. Work on the plant has begun yesterday, and it will be completed by the end of September.

The project contract was awarded to Aii Energy Systems. The Trinasolar brand solar panels will be supplied by Onninen, and the rest of the project's equipment will be supplied by Schneider Electric Finland Oy. The project will receive Tekes energy aid funding.

A total of 740 solar panels, 270 kWp each, will be installed atop the tall section of the factory building. The modules will have a total surface area of 1,185 m2. The power plant will take up approximately 2,500 m2 fully installed. The panels will be installed in line with the roof to face south by south-east.

The solar power plant's estimated annual generation capacity is 193 MWh. Annually, this will cover the base load of the Mustasaari site, i.e. its average continuous energy consumption, amounting to some 10 per cent of the factory complex's annual consumption. The plant has been designed to primarily provide electricity for on-site consumption. Any surplus can be sold back to the grid. The total cost of the project is approximately €250,000.

"SK Tuote has the perfect profile as an industrial operator for a solar power plant investment. The company's example will support the domestic production of renewable energy, taking responsibility for people and the environment. The investment has a significant environmental impact; for example, it will reduce annual CO2 emissions by 33.7 tonnes," says Laura Sohlman, sales engineer at Aii Energy Systems.

"The current panel assembly is designed to cover the base load of SK Tuote's current operations, but room was left for expansion in the rest of the equipment. If operations change and more power is needed, the generation capacity of the solar power plant can be increased up to 600 kWp just by adding panels and inverters," says Timo Anttila, production manager at SK Tuote.

"The solar power generation figures will be displayed to our personnel in real time on info screens around the factory building. We will also make the same data available on our website. The technical information and performance figures of our project will be available for anyone interested, of course," says Tuomas Saikkonen, sales director at SK Tuote.

SK Tuote has defined respect for the environment as one of its key values. The company strives constantly to reduce its energy consumption and production waste. The use of solar power is one of the new strategic solutions that the company will take advantage of to reduce its energy consumption in relation to its net sales from 1.6 per cent to 1.4 per cent by 2019. One objective of the company's strategy is to produce all electrical power required by the main office from renewable sources by 2018, and this new solar power plant will make sure this objective is met.

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