8 Sep 2017 | Aeroventic

In this article, Richard Nicholls, Controls Sales Applications Engineer at Airedale International, gives us an overview of the latest innovation to emerge from the Airedale Controls team.

The UAE Controls Desktop Demo Unit is an Airedale Controls innovation designed to help our partners develop an understanding of the controls systems utilised by Airedale units.

The briefcase-type Demo Unit allows the user to experience the first hand process of installing hardware, downloading software and building communication networks between controllers, power meters and BMS networks. Enabling our partners to offer better technical support to the end user and easily identify the correct BMS interface requirements.

The Demo Unit is offered with:
Controls training
A step-by-step introduction to the components and wiring standards
Communication protocols
The software environment and download utility
And a walk through configuring a unit with reference to the electrical wiring diagrams and unit specifications.

The Desktop Demo Unit comes equipped with:
A Carel pCO5+ PLC (current Airedale standard)
A Carel EVD Evolution and display (used to drive open/close liquid line electronic expansion valves)
A transformer to deliver 24vac controls circuit from mains power
Mains and controls circuit breakers
Terminals for expansion
A Carel PGD1 display and connection cable and is supplied with all the current
BMS interface cards (Modbus, BACNet, LON and pCOweb)

Nissar Rahman, Airedale Sales Engineer based in the Middle Eastern office, recently visited Rawdon HQ along with Saudi Temco Company, one of Airedale's business partners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

'We (the UAE team) visit the U.K. every year as part of our annual training with various departments.

This year I requested Controls training which we are extending to our Gulf business partners.

Mr Ahmed Samour (Saudi Temco Company) with Mr. Nissar Rahman (Airedale International)
The idea behind the desktop Control demo unit forms part of our upcoming hands-on training for partners in Gulf.

This will help us understand the various controls issues our partners face on site, as well as providing them with faster solutions in real-time.

I would like to thank Paul Roper, Richard Nicholls and his team for bringing the Controls Demo Unit to life. It will enable our local partners in the Gulf to become more independent and provide a higher level of customer satisfaction through hands-on training.'

To learn more about the UAE Controls demo unit, please contact us at connect@airedale.com 
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