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Understanding the World of Eurovent

Mind the difference between Eurovent Association, Certification and Market Intelligence

What is the difference between the Eurovent Association and Eurovent Certita Certification? How do these organisations relate to one another? What is Eurovent Market Intelligence? In this article, our Team provides members with a short overview on our family of organisations (the ‘World of Eurovent’), allowing you to better understand them while making more effective use of our network.

If you recently visited the homepages of the Eurovent Association, Eurovent Market Intelligence and the like, you would realise a new button on the top right named ‘World of Eurovent’. This allows you to quickly navigate through our different, independently managed units, which we explain to you in the following.

Eurovent Association

In a nutshell

  • Founded in 1958, the Eurovent Association is a not-for-profit industry and trade association based in Brussels, Belgium.
  • It is representing more than 1.000 organisations throughout Europe and the Middle East, which includes both associations and manufacturers.
  • The Association’s activities are based on highly valued democratic decision-making principles, ensuring a level-playing field for the entire industry independent from organisation sizes or membership fees.

Useful to know

The Eurovent Association is not issuing any kind of certification. The ‘Eurovent Certified Performance’ programmes are managed independently by Eurovent Certita Certification, which is a separate company with its own Board and decision-making bodies.  

For more information on the Eurovent Association, visit https://eurovent.eu/?q=about_us/association or watch our corporate video

Eurovent Certita Certification

In a nutshell

  • Eurovent Certita Certification (ECC, formerly Eurovent Certification) is a provider of performance certification programmes for our industry based in Paris, France.
  • ECC runs 40+ certification programmes independently from our association activities.
  • It is globally known for the ‘Eurovent Certified Performance’ mark.
  • ECC is an independent subunit of the Eurovent Association with its own Board, management and decision-making structures.

Useful to know

A membership in the Eurovent Association is never a prerequisite for being able to participate in an ECC performance certification programme, and vice-versa.

This distinction is an essential requirement to receive the EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012 accreditation, which ECC holds. Participation in an ECC performance certification programme is voluntary.

The setup of a performance certification scheme is not the decision of the Eurovent Association. It is the result of market demand, either directly from manufacturers (usually at least 3 manufacturers) to better communicate the performance of their product on their market, from a product end-user, or from a product or component integrator.

All certification programmes are being managed by participants to the respective certification programmes (i.e. the participating manufacturers) in so-called ‘Compliance Committees’ within Eurovent Certita Certification – never by the Eurovent Association or any of its Product Groups.

Detailed information can be found at www.eurovent-certification.com

Eurovent Market Intelligence

Same as Eurovent Certita Certification, Eurovent Market Intelligence runs independently from the Eurovent Association with its own management and decision-making structure. This has been done to comply with the strictest data confidentiality standards.

In a nutshell

  • Eurovent Market Intelligence (EMI) is the European statistics office of the HVACR market.
  • EMI has been providing key market data since 1994 and is a trusted partner of more than 300 manufacturers.
  • Sales data provided by participants remains fully confidential and results are being distributed to participants only.
  • EMI provides annual and quarterly results, market trends and analyses, and makes reassessed data available to non-manufacturers.

Detailed information on EMI can be found at www.eurovent-marketintelligence.eu

Useful to know

Each of Eurovent’s independent units largely finances itself, either through membership fees (as in the Eurovent Association) or participation fees (as in Eurovent Market Intelligence or Eurovent Certita Certification).

That is, Eurovent Market Intelligence has its own annual participation fees that finance its activities. The same applies for the Eurovent Association, which charges annual membership fees. Eurovent Certita Certification finances itself through participation fees for their certification programmes.

Questions and answers

I am a participating in a ‘Eurovent Certified Performance’ programme. Does this mean that I am also a member of the Eurovent Association?

No, the Eurovent Association and Eurovent Certita Certification are two independent entities. Neither does being Eurovent certified mean that you are a member of the Association, nor does being an Association member mean that you are Eurovent certified.

Why do Eurovent Association ‘Product Groups’ and Eurovent Certification ‘Compliance Committees’ often take place after one another?

In many product areas, there is a significant overlap in members of the Eurovent Association and companies that are participating in a ‘Eurovent Certified Performance’ programme. Thus, to make it more convenient and cost-effective for manufacturers, we often hold meetings of both units during the same or consecutive days in the same venue.

Is there a graphical overview on what you have described above?

Yes, Eurovent Middle East (which is a chapter of the Eurovent Association) provides for a table on its website: http://www.eurovent.me/eurovent-certified-performance

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