27 Oct 2017 | Aeroventic
Welcome the New Danfoss ICFD Defrost Module

We have engineered a formula that takes industrial defrosting to the next level with superior performance, cost reduction, and installation efficiency.

Welcome the new Danfoss ICFD Defrost Module

The newly developed ICFD Defrost Module (type ICFD 20) is based on hot gas defrost by liquid drain and packaged into the widely acknowledged Danfoss ICF Valve Station. By combining the Liquid Drain method with the ICF technology, Danfoss is bringing two great approaches into a highly efficient and compact solution.

The solution makes it possible to equip an evaporator with ICF Valve Stations across the wet suction, liquid, hot gas, and defrost drain lines and provides an impressive range of benefits in respect of improved operational efficiency, easy installation, and energy savings.

The design is based on a mechanical float, and the operational mechanism is developed to operate at a very high-pressure differential. It only allows liquid to pass through – no blow-by gas can bypass. The ICFD Defrost module has a very high capacity compared to its size due to its unique pressure balanced design. It has a wide application range, spanning evaporators up to 200kW (58 TR) evaporator capacity, and is fully compatible with the ICF 15-4, ICF 20-4, and ICF 20-6 range.

It provides an automatic capacity adjustment during operation with proportional opening for the necessary amount of liquid, which means that no settings are required. Finally, the design makes it possible to manage a liquid lift without any additional bypass valves thanks to a built-in bleed function.

Benefits of the ICFD Defrost Module:

Reduced energy consumption
Reduction of blow-by gas by up to 90% resulting in less
loading of compressors.

Improved defrost performance
Reduction of evaporator downtime when defrosting thanks to its
high drain capacity catering for improved operational efficiency.

Easy system design
Supports optimal system design with the Coolselector®2
application tool.

Improved job site efficiency
Ensures easy installation due to a reduction of components and
weldings plus no need to disassemble and re-assemble. No
settings or adjustment required.

Broad application range
Fully compatible to ICF 15-4, ICF 20-4, and ICF 20-6 in addition to a
wide application range spanning evaporators up to 200 kW (58 TR)
evaporator capacity.

For more information on the ICFD Defrost solution please contact Danfoss or visit www.icfdefrost.danfoss.com.

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