4 Aug 2017 | Aeroventic
WRX: the highly efficient and versatile engineered unit

Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics and IT Cooling System S.p.A. presents the new Climaveneta autonomous rooftop unit range dedicated to the air renewal and air treatment in medium and large-volume environments. A new complete series from 50 to 240 kW (10000-45000 m3/h) featuring scroll compressors, R410A refrigerant, and EC plug fans.

Key feature of WRX is its versatility and its easy installation in a variety of applications. Thanks to a great flexibility in selecting the direction of inlet and outlet airflows, from the top or bottom side, from the right or left side, WRX’s adjustable layout easily simplifies the installation activities and makes the substitution of preexisting HVAC systems in refurbished buildings quick and easy.

Brilliantly engineered to be in line with the well-known premium efficiency levels of the Climaveneta brand products, WRX utilizes plug fans with incorporated EC motor, new-generation axial fans, and electronic expansion valves that deliver great benefits when the unit is working with variable loads. These top quality components together with a smart design and manufacturing of the products allow WRX to reach exceptional enhancements in terms of performance, ensuring a complete and full compliance with the latest Eco-design 2016/2281 directive.

WRX is available with 4 different heat recovery options, designed to recover the thermal energy contained in the exhaust air. The first one is based on the innovative refrigerant booster – consisting of an additional coil nearby the exhausted air damper, another one on the plate heat recovery, in both cases the cooling and heating performance is strongly increased up to +22%, if compared to a standard unit without any recovery (1).

But the real competitive advantage comes from the rotary enthalpy heat recovery, which utilizes an aluminum sheet rotor with large surface area as a medium for the sensible energy transfer. While the wheel rotates slowly, it absorbs heat and moisture from the warmer air stream and it transfers heat and moisture to the cooler air stream. This means the fresh air is warmed and humidified in the winter and cooled and dehumidified in the summer, providing at the same time significant efficiency results: +45% increased cooling capacity and up to 39% increased heating capacity(1).

Heart of the rooftop unit is the evolved AIR3000TE control, specifically designed for WRX, that controls the refrigerant circuit and the air treatment section at the same time, thus providing a completely independent operation of the unit.

WRX is already available both in cold and reversible versions, in seven specialized functions, providing a wide operating range spanning from -10°C to 52°C outdoor temperature. The base module can be further customized with a vast array of accessories - like the water pre-heating coils, or the high efficiency F class filters, in order to always give the opportunity to the customer to configure the unit according to the specific system requirements, and in any application type building.

(1): Percentage values refer to WRX/MF version (=no heat recovery).Standard conditions for cooling: Outdoor 35°C 50% R.H. / Indoor 27°C 47% R.H. / Mix 50% - Nominal air flow.Standard conditions for heating: Outdoor 7°C 87% R.H. / Indoor 20°C 50% R.H. / Mix 50% - Nominal air flow.

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