Transistor rotational speed regulator DSS ECO-1,5P Dasko Electronic

Regulators DSS2 series are dedicated for rotational speed regulation of fan motors in air conditioning and ventilation systems, especially:
heating devices (water heaters)
HRV (recuperators)
air handling units

power load 0,35 kW
dedicated for single-phase motors
0-10V analogue input or/and control keyboard

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Symbol Dasko Electronic
Profile: Manufacturer, Installer, Designer
Headquarters: PL
Establishment date: 2005
Business area: Europe
Assortment: Regulators, Controllers, Projects, Ventilation, Recupreation
Target: Looking for a British manufacturer of compact air handling units
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Product descritipion

Transistor rotational speed regulator DSS2 ECO-1,5_P

  • a transistor regulator for external, plaster surface mountin
  • power load 0,35 kW
  • dedicated for rotational speed regulation of universal, single-phase motors
  • smooth regulation across the scale
  • unobtrusive operation across the scale (no "buzzing" effect)
  • rotational speed regulation by means of new control keyboard
  • can be linked into equipment groups (up to 10 devices) managed from one control point does not affect the life expectancy of the motor

Transistor rotational speed regulator DSS2 ECO-1,5_P technical data

power supply: 230VAC/50Hz
output type: PWM, IGBT transistors
MAX continous current: 1,5 A
MAX peak current: 2,5 A
rated load: 0,35 kW
Control type: 0-10V control keyboard
IP protection rate: IP 54
mounting type: surface, plate mounted
operating temperature: -10 : 50°C
storage temperature: -30 : 60°C
run and alarm indicators: yes
motor output protection: by 2,5 A fuse
recommended supply wire: OMY 3x1mm2
dimensions: 56 x 84 x 124

Transistor rotational speed regulator DSS2 ECO-1,5_P Characteristic features

Smooth adjustment of the output voltage over the whole control range.

  • Heatsink temperature monitoring – reducing output when over 60°C and turning the regulator off at 70°C.
  • Transistor based regulator – no mains hum effect as with thyristorbased controllers.
  • Possibility to change the controller’s settings.
  • Adjustable output voltage depending on the value set via the keypad or an external voltage signal level - 0-10V.
  • Possibility to combine multiple controllers into systems and control them from a single point.
  • Compact, small and ergonomic design.

Transistor rotational speed regulator DSS2 ECO-1,5_P installation

The DSS2 ECO-1.5 speed controller should be mounted horizontally on the surface of a wall or in a control cabinet (in that case the exchange of air or cooling should be made).

  • The power cord must be connected by non-shielded 3x1 mm² cable.
  • Steering signal must be connected by shielded cable:
    2x0,5 mm² – for steering by DEN 20, DEN30, PLC etc.
    3x0,5 mm² – for steering by DEN 11.
  • The cable shield should be connected to G0 terminal.
  • The motor must be connected by screened 3x1 mm² cable. The shield must be connected to the PE terminal and the motor housing.
  • Cables must be completed with sleeves.
  • To connect the wires unscrew the four screws that secure the lid and then perform the connection according to the diagram in Figure 4
  • After connections are made, close the cover and switch the powersupply on.
  • The capacitor should be connected outside of the regulator.
  • The controller does not have an input for TK fan protection
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