• Weather louvre system 3UL Colt
  • Weather louvre system 3UL Colt
  • Weather louvre system 3UL Colt
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Weather louvre system 3UL Colt

Colt 3UL Universal Louvre is a roll-formed triple bank louvre system designed for applications requiring ventilation with the maximum degree of rain defence.

Headquarters: GB
Establishment date: 1931
Business area: UK
Assortment: Ventilators, Mechanical ventilators, Car park fans, Smoke and fire curtains, Evaporative coolers
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Product descritipion

When high level rain defence is needed, we recommend the use of either 2UL or 3UL. When rain defence is not of primary importance, we recommend the use of 1UL.

Features and benefits

Highly aerodynamically efficient – this reduces air resistance, allowing the plant and the aperture to be minimised thereby saving running costs.

Enhanced rain defence performance - 2UL and 3UL versions have high resistance to rain ingress. Unlike other louvre types, Colt 2UL and 3UL panels have efficient drainage paths into their hollow section mullions, which in practice further increases their rain defence effectiveness.

Durable and maintenance free – UL is completely made from corrosion resistant materials.

Thermal expansion of the louvres enabled – the louvres are clipped (and not riveted or screwed) to structural supporting mullions.

Proven performance - UL has been tested to EN 13030:2001.

Easy to install – UL can either be delivered to site pre-assembled or as a kit of parts.

A wide range of options - it is available in various shapes, configurations, materials, finishes and coatings to meet the requirements of almost any project.

Louvres can be extruded or roll-formed; either mill finish, polyester powder painted or anodised; plain, perforated or stucco embossed.

Louvre panels can incorporate mitred corners, special shapes and louvre doors. Colt also has a range of turret units.

If noise reduction is required, acoustic louvre panels may be used.


Universal Louvre has been tested to EN 13030:2001.
Colt UL louvre selection program

“UL Select” is an Excel sheet which enables users to make their own selection of Colt louvre systems based on the weathering classification and aerodynamic performance required for the system. If the area of louvre or the airflow is known, the program provides the pressure drop. If the flow rate and the maximum pressure drop are known, the program provides the minimum size of louvre. Click here to access it.


Colt Universal Louvre is a versatile louvre system providing either screening and/or rain defence in a wide variety of product options, materials and finishes.

Louvre blades form an aerodynamically efficient profile to achieve a high degree of rain defence. Allowance is made for thermal expansion without distortion along the length of each louvre blade. Water drains efficiently onto the cill through the mullions.

Mullions are concealed at maximum 1250mm centres and the points of support along their length are set in accordance with prevailing site wind pressures (as calculated and specified by a structural engineer).

System Types

    Universal Louvre 3UL/SH - Triple bank shallow section, front louvres at 50mm pitch
    Universal Louvre 3UL/DH - Triple bank deep section, front louvres at 100mm pitch


    Horizontal inverted


    Mild steel
    Stainless steel


    Stucco embossed

Colours/ finishes options

    Mill aluminium
    Anodised aluminium
    Polyester powder coated to a RAL colour, list of colours upon request

Paint coverage

    Not relevant


    Aluminium bird guard
    Galvanised steel bird guard
    Stainless steel bird guard
    Aluminium fly guard
    Stainless steel insect mesh

Blanking panels

    Single skin aluminium panel, mill finish
    Single skin aluminium panel with external decorative polyester powder paint finish to match louvres
    Insulated panel

Noise control

    Type R acoustic louvre panels - Optimum acoustic performance with normal pressure drop
    Type LP acoustic louvre panels - Normal acoustic performance with minimum pressure drop


    Visible frame double door
    Visible frame single door
    Concealed frame double door
    Concealed frame single door
    Turret unit(s)
    Circular panel(s)
    Triangular panel(s)

Aerodynamic performance

Universal Louvre 3UL/SH - minimum performance coefficient (Cv) of 0.277 (inlet) and 0.22 (extract). This is equivalent to Class 3 to EN 13030.
    For data on DH (deep) versions, please contact Colt.

Rain defence performance (to EN 13030)

Class A - up to 3.5m/s suction velocity. Triple bank louvres offer maximum rain defence.

For data on DH (deep) versions, please contact Colt.


    Tested to EN 13030:2001

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